Wednesday, August 08, 2007

August Presence

I done made it thru the darkness that was vacation with the family in tow and have come out to the other side which is blessed peace and aloneness. I sound so terrible! I love my guys, especially right now when they are 12 hours away, but as a mom there really is no such thing as true DOWN time. And I am a girl who needs it.

HM arrived in NS with a lashing rain storm (What? Rain in NS??? whooda thunk it!!?) and we got the boat into the water in Pictou. We took her our sailing on the briney 3 or 4 times before he and the boys went back to Qc together. They left the boat for me to sleep in at the marina rather than continuing with my camping in skeeter country. OY! How I could go on but I won't...for now.

Staying in Pictou is awesome in comparison. Walking distance to lots (pubs, ice cream stands, pubs...)and yet still somewhat private. The marina is row on row of boats with some folk that stay on their boats as much as possible yet noone is up your butt when you are looking for privacy which is most excellent. Lots of nice afternoon and evening sessions of socialising on the main dock but earlier in the day is more private.

So...... right this minute I am blogging from the effervescent and fragrant Julia's 'puter since I am staying here for a few days to help with house painting. The house painting party isn't until the weekend but I arrived last night since I had spent yesterday in the city with my darlin' Barb (Love you Basia!!!)and didn't want to drive an hour and a half back to Pictou. What brought us to the city?? THE HARLOT WAS IN TOWN!!!!!!!

YES!!! La Harlot ( see picture at top until I can load mine) was in Halifax for a booksigning and oh my stars and little oysters she's even better in person than in print. Fucking hilarious. Insightful and brilliant but with the funny added she is perfection with bushy hair and Birkinstocks. I got my new book signed and went completely BLANK when in her august presence and babbled incoherently and I hope I wasn't too scarey. This is her fourth book of humour and she rocks the genre of "knitting humour". As she puts it, she's pretty much it!! But even if there were others, she'd still be rockin' it.
First impression was she looked nervous. Second impression, looks just like her pictures! Then she spoke and I was mesmerised. She didn't sound like I thought she would. She is a very petite woman so I expected a girlier voice I guess. She has a deeper, throatier voice and mixed with her dry with and sarcasm was very listenable.
A night to remember!!
Back home in Qc the guys are loving their daycamps! I am so proud when they tell me about their accomplishments and how much fun they are having. Cam is in tennis daycamp and Ben in sailing. Next week Cam does sailing and Ben has golf!. HM taught Cameron to tie his shoe laces(gasp) and he hit balls at tennis. Ben assembled and sailed his wee boat, following the teacher like the other little sailing ducklings in his camp. Its was less than a week and my babies have grown so much. I made Ben promise not to get married before I get back home.


Suldog said...

Sleeping on a boat is unique. The gentle rocking - assuming you're at the dock and no storms - the water sounds, etc. I've only done it twice, but enjoyed it immensely.

Glad to hear you're enjoying yourself!

(Oh! I see my "word verification" is TAODIP. Is that something yoga masters eat?)

Anonymous said...

Sooo, hope you are enjoying your vacation. Haven't had a chance to get up to see you yet, still hoping.

teeweewonders said...

You lucky thing. I think the Yarn Harlot should pick up her wee feet and make her way over to London! Your stay on the boat (ahemmm... and child free days...) sounds utterly enviable!