Thursday, July 12, 2007

Another rainy day

I saw sun on Tuesday..actual REAL pure sunshine in a blue sky. I was in Pentz on Nova Scotia's south shore visiting my Marla and her kids when the fog and clouds departed and SUN pourded down like molten warmth. It was nice. We ran outdoors to sit in it and then it was time to head back to the city because we had to pick up our junk at Jessie's and move on to our next imposition..I mean, visit.... at Julie's house. This is a kid friendly place since Jules has a kid and we had a terrific day yesterday, the kids and I. the beauteous Heather, product of Julie's loins, accompanied the guys and I to the Natural history museum in Halifax, then to Phil's Seafood for lunch, and then to my wondeful friend and Cameron's godparent Karen's house for lemonade and potato chips and gabbing.

Karen is the coolest person I know. I have known her since I was 8 and she moved next door to us with her husband and two young children in Lower Sackville. Then they moved after a few years into Halifax and while connection was not completely lost between she and my mom, after we moved back to my hometown, it was few and far between with the visits and communications. Then I came back to Hfx for Uni and BAM..I had a grown up friend with two teenagers. I regard Karen and the mom/sister that I never had ( I have two sisters and a mom but not a Karen mom/sister so she is a most marvelous addition, you get me?? Good. Because I would never ever giove up my sisters and mom but I also never want to be without my Karen). Karen gardens. She knits. She can braid rugs. She can quilt. She raised two kids to adult hood and is now a grandmother of 5. She revealed to me yesterday that next month a most milestoney birthday is arriving and I can't get over how NOT "old" she is. Suuuure the hair is very silver. Suuuure the skin is not as tight as in her twenties. But she is so uber cool and smart and still so into living and life and all its wonders that she copuldn't POSSIBLY be that age. We both boggled because I am also hitting a milestone birthday and can't believe that either because wasn't 40 supposed to be old? Suuure I have more crinkles than before and have noticed a distuirbing amount of crepeyness to my skin's texture lately...could it be dehydration?...but I still think and feel like I am 25..still feel baffled and amazed by the world and unsure of how the wiorld works. Aren't i supposed to be wiser now?? Weird. So we had a mutual "How the fuck did this happen to us??" session. It was great. Definitely I will be back for another visit before we are all back in Quebec and we will go out for coffee and maybe hit a yarn shop for some yarny goodness and its therapeutic benefits. I love my Karen and that is why she is a godparent to one of my kids, as is her husband Bob. They are precious to me and part of who I am.

So here we are still at Julie's and maybe we willgo back today to the campground but possibly not. Its raining again here in Hfx but Julie is coming to camp with us this weekend so whether we leave today or tomorrow is not much of an issue. HM arrives a week from Saturday with his new love, AR LUNASEA, whom he had out on the water in the Ottawa area this past weekend with his old navy pal Marc. Thank Goddess for Marc the naval engioneer because HM says he never woulda been able to get the mast up without him. They figured everything out, discovered some minor electrical issues that are being fixed, and got our girl sailing under full sails to see what she could do. HM is over the moon with love for his mistress. I am very happy for them...LOL. The weather forecast for this weekend for our camping vicinity is better than what we have here in Hfx so wish us sun and dry breezes and beautiful campfires to relax around.

Knittingwise I am trying to speed up finishing HM's sock that he has been waiting for since April when I got busy with other projects and set his socks aside. As soon as its done I can start the Pirate Mittens in all their skull and crossboney stranded knitting glory. Cam's will be bright green and black and Ben's will be bright red and black. Also I want to buy yarn for my bog jacket for this Fall. I saw a great dark heathered green that I think I would pair up with a rusty brown trim for a nice Fall cardigan/jacket. I want a light minty green with mauve for Spring... Hmmm... which to buy first? Or both?? Hmmm...... (<;oP)


Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Yarn buying!!! YEAH!! Perfect fix for the rainy weather blahs... Buys lots...of everything. You going to visit fleece artist's shop while you're in the area? I'm sure she'd have the PERFECT colours for you!

Suldog said...

Enjoy 40 while you can. 50 sucks. And from what I hear via my 60-year-old teammates, 50 is a downright bargain compared to 60.

Pass the booze.

Aurora said...

By the way, due to some people i do not want reading my blog i have set it on private, and people need to be approved to read it. If you send me (at your email that you sign into blogger with i can approve you.

Vicky said...

I didn't know you had a computer to blog on...I haven't been checking cause I thought that you wouldn't be writing. Hope you are enjoying your time up here.