Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Me and my Lismore Sheep Farm hat. Me on AR LUNASEA, steering.
Ben at the bow, keeping watch for ice bergs.
Cammie fishing for seaweed, jelly fish, andwhatever else off the dock in Pictou. Note the historic replica of The Hector in the background. Not bad real estate for a summer vacation eh? The Hector was truck by lightening in June and lost part of it main mast.

I am so slow at up dating here. I have been home THREE whole days and so far have done laundry and meals but no blogging to speak of. Not that anyone is waiting with baited breath to see what I have to say or what I have been up to....but still.

So, as you know there was HEAPS of rain in NS this year. Had to wear wool socks to bed in July, wtf is up with THAT???? We were feeling fairly mildewed and developing gills when the sun appeared from time to time, just to keep me from going postal.

We hunted fossils at Arisaig, explored Big Island's sand bars and pools at low tide, saw whales off Doctor's Brook in Malignant Cove, went to Lismore Sheep Farm (home of The Wool Shop and River John Needles) and hung out at the camp ground and at my mom's. Trips to Halifax were taken to escape rain and ginormous mosquitoes that made my life a living Hell. Will we be pulling this vacation stunt again? I think NOT.

After HM arrived in a storm of rain we began the joys(?) of sailing.

Sailing is......interesting. I love being on the water but I would actually like to reach a destination. Pictou Island is about 6 miles or so off shore. We never once made it. We did see seals and porpoise.... but never got to Pictou Island to beach comb for beach glass or dig clams. On our last voyage we gave it up after a couple hours and decided to go to a beach. Accidentally we got run aground on a rocky shoal and I had to get off the boat to push her off since the motor wasn't doing it. That left me somewhat stranded.....what a fiasco that was. There I was, swimming after the boat which the wind was pushing farther and farther away (without sails), HM was freaking out and screaming at Ben to throw me a line, Ben was bravely trying not to cry and trying to throw me a line, I was in the water getting tired and reassuring Ben that all was well, not to worry or be scared, Hm was freaking out....You get the picture... Eventually I broke through to HM and got him to put the motor in reverse until almost to me then cut it so I didn't have the out board's prop to worry about while I tried to get the swim ladder in my grip before the wind blew it out of my reach again. I clambered on board eventually (sucky swim ladder!!), held Ben tight in my arms and gave both boys hugs and kisses to reassure them that all was well and that they were very brave while mommy was in the water (drowning??). I strongly resisted the urge to shove HM overboard with a foot firmly planted up his arse. We motored out to deeper water (we hoped..the depth finder had gone on the blink at the height of the adventure..) and raised sails to get back to the marina.

But I'm not bitter........


Suldog said...

Geez! You had quite the adventure there. Glad you didn't get stranded or cut up into fishbait by the propeller or anything like that :-)

I know what you mean about the weather. It was 56 degrees this morning in Boston. What is up with this weather? I thought it was global WARMING we were having.

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

OMG! You didn't tell me that! Of course we all want to hear about your adventures, you fool woman! Why wasn't R. the one to push the boat???