Thursday, August 30, 2007


I went out last night for a marvelous evening of knitting with the Montreal Knits crew. Love my times out with them so much. I tore out the Diagonal Rib Sock. The pattern was obscured by the colours so why bother. While there chatting, ripping and knitting, a storm blew in ferociously with wind, thunder and lightning, and lashings of rain. Then it blew over. That was in Montreal.
Back home, the rain poured in open windows thanks to the huge wind blowing it in and therwe was literally pools where bedroom and bathroom floors were. HM wiped these up with some towels The kids were wound up at this huge adventure of storm and indoor puddle jumping and ran to the neighbor boy's house to share storm tales. In the chaos, they let Blossom out. HM never noticed she was gone until later in the evening and met me at the door upon my return with the news. I drove around our area for an hour looking for her in and out of rain, calling her name where I could (by now it was midnight...neighbors HATE when you drive around YELLING at midnight). No Blossom.
So HM's track record for pets when I am out: 1 cat (Monkey) and 1 dog (Blossom) gone.


Suldog said...

I'll say a prayer to Saint Anthony that your dog be found.

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Did you give him a good smack up side the head? Good grief!