Sunday, August 26, 2007

Learning curves etc

So, this one time when we went out on the boat and went swimming, my foot got blue. Seriously. I climbed laboriously up the swim ladder (stupid thing) and when I was finally up on deck eventually I noticed that I had blue something on my foot. Hmmm..thought I, Thats weird.
Turns out its the anti-fouling paint on the bottomish part of the boat and the rudder. It, like, totally smears when its wet. I was all WTF!? but apparently, thats how it works. Whatever decides to try and stick to the bottom of the boat (like barnacles and stuffs) comes off WITH the paint. Duh. This whole boat thing has a sharp learning curve. I am nowhere near the top....I haven't actually made progress up the incline. So so sad. Also, when you try to scrub the hull of said boat, the paint smears. Very very messy but the puddles are a pretty powder blue colour.

School starts On Tuesday. THIS TUESDAY. As in the day after tomorrow. I have all the supplies bought except for some page protectors for Ben. $150 bucks later.......Yeesh! In grade 4 all i needed was pencils, crayons, scribblers, and a book bag. WTF?! These guys need markers AND coloured pencils as well as dry erase markers....I think the DE markers are for the teachers...and certain workbooks need to be purchased at 10 bucks a pop. Plus duotangs and paper and scribblers, pencils etc blah blah blah. You know, I had to wait until high school to need hilighters!! Maybe they weren't invented until then though.....hmm. Anyways, I am stressing. I've been having the school panic dreams AND a recurrent dream of not having an assignment done and having to pass it in to pass the juniour high or high school class BUt being terrified to attend class due to the assignment not being done because I can't seem to do it. Then I think "Wait a minute. I am 39 years old and went to can this assignment be necessary??!" But apparently unfinished assignments in one's scholastic past makes for an education missing an important brick of knowledge and it could all come tumbling down like a house of cards thanks to being a slacker. Oy! The stress, even in my sleep! I feel like such a fraud even though never have I ever had to produce a history of Peru assignment! sigh. Then there is the bus to school dream.... but i can't remember what the school looks likes, or the name even though I know I've been there. It was tied into the missing Peru assignment last night. Ugh. I hate school.
Cameron's sock #2 is progressing slowly in the humidity but it seems to have broken so maybe more progress is forthcoming. As I said to Marla today, if I actually wrote down my planned projects, I would totally lose it from being overwhelmed by the length of said list. So i keep the list in my head where it is a nebulous thing, easily reshuffled and items forgotten about until I see the yarn or pattern and the "oh yeaaahh" button gets pushed. Then I think " I really gotta write this shit down.." but don't. See? I have a system! And thus, wigging out is neatly avoided.


Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Have a drink. ;D
That helps with the wigging out too, I hear!

Vicky said...

Should the paint smear?????

That seems kind of crazy for school supplies! Here it's mostly supplied by the school. You must move back! LOL!!!

Suldog said...

So, like, there are whole bunches of blue barnacles in the ocean, because they got smeared when they tried to adhere to the bottoms of boats? Huh.

AliP said...

Boggles the mind don't it?