Thursday, August 30, 2007

She Be Found!

I called the SPCA in Laval today to find out that they are not the shelter lost animals in my area go to if found. Hello BergerBlanc!!!!!
I called and was told that maybe I should come in because there was a dog brought in last night that might be Blossom.
This place is insanely busy!!! I drove in right away and waited while someone brought in a cat to be disposed of because its too much trouble now (Persian!!) then when the desk person was free to talk to me she directed me to another person to take me back where the Found dogs were. There were several! As we walked along, suddenly there was that sheepish face and scraggly fur I know so well. " Blossom!!" I exclaimed, "Oh poor baby! there's my girl!" and she look VERY relieved.
Problem : There was a miscommunication of recovery cost so I haven't all the cash on hand until tomorrow morning unless they take credit cards and then I have to wait until a certain cell phone NON answering husband can call me back. WHY have a effing cell phone if you are NOT gonna answer it! I coulda been coulda been a hospital calling to say that there is an emergency. I guess he doesn't MIND waiting until the golf game with the clients is over to find out and that just pisses me off. Not for the first time I might add.
So now I am home, waiting for HM to call or come home so I can go bail out my jailbird dog. At least she is safe and sound.
Small Rant Here: Last year we lost Freckles. I called the SPCA and was never told about Berger Blanc so she could have been in a shelter and I never knew. It breaks my heart. Plus while I was away and Monkey went missing Hm never called a shelter. They only keep them for 5 days though so would they have turned up at BB its hard to say. I think dogs are generally easier to catch. Back home I always knew where to call incase of a lost pet (S.H.A.I.D animal shelter) here I am at a loss...UNTIL NOW. Apparently there is some kind of bad blood between the BB shelter and that why I wasn't told last year??

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Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

I am so happy that you have Blossom back. You do have her back now, don't you? Your Hubby is in di da di da di...