Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Wednesday and Payday

So far I have spent a tremendous amount of money and yet have not had much does that suck? Groceries, gassed up the car, fruiterie visit, jean coutu for tp pt(cascades brand recycled) and antihistamines, Croteau for shorts and tshirts for the wee'uns. Thats it..Oh wait..animalerie Bouff Tout for dog food and pine shavings (for the compost).
Its way hot today..humid and hot. I am now ensconced in my basement with Serenity on TV and preparing to fold 4 loads of laundry. I've been pondering on how to keep cool without AC.
-cold baths before bed
-ice in front of the fan
-cold wet towel around the neck(like a cold compress)
-hide out in basement
-lots of ice water

Thats all I have. I think I'll mosey over to Space Monkey Pants and see if anything funny is happening.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


So, I have been home just under a week and my brain seems to have finally reconfigured to "home" mode after copious amounts of sleep and bewilderment.
Poor brain.
I FINALLY revised my Ink paper and sent it off to the lovely Amanda of WynterGreene. I just c ould not seem to sit and get to it!! In the end it didn't take long and seemed to make sense. i guess the Muse just had to hold me down long enough to type. Thanks for the patience Amanda.
Now this got me to thinking...I wonder if I could shop that article out to a paying magazine like Sage Woman or Circle? I wonder if its good enough or of interest. Something for me to ponder on. Thats me, the Wanderin' Ponderer, thinker of thoughts and doer of little.
Maybe I will change my name.
Cameron had his first socccer match last evening and was a bit taken aback. They play a bit harder than he expected and the game didn't last all that long ( one hour). For those interested, it was a tie. Ben watched and now has an idea of what he's in for tonight.
Lets seee....what else...we went insane Friday and bought a bench for the entry with the Visa card and a "box" for me. Its teak and about 18" by 18" with a hinged lid. The bench is maybe 3 feet long by 18 inches wide with short legs and a hinged lid. Distressed dark finish. Both pieces are from India I believe.
The boys got sunburned on Sunday after a day in the pool. Yes, pool season is here for real. It was lovely yesterday at a balmy 22 degree water. refreshing.

Gotta fly.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Young Forest Inc.

While at the Gaia Gathering I had the opportunity to make the acquaintence of one Wren Austman, a Druid from Saskatchewan. Wren gave me the business card for Young Forest Inc., a corporation that wants to buy lands from the government etc in order to protect them for future generations and so that all our wilderness areas don't become developed. Wren is a very dedicated man with a beautifully kind spirit. I am very happy to have met him and all the others at the Gathering.

Thursday, May 25, 2006


I am seriously deficient in energy. Bear with me while I blather.
This past weekend was road trip time for me and the delightful Nathalie. The drive to Nova Scotia for the 2nd annual Gaia Gathering was filled with chatter. Honestly? We never fuckin' shut up for the whole 15 to 16 hours. My throat is sore and I find I am very quiet now that I am home. Chattered out. It was glorious.
This was my first conference of any sort. i was afraid that some of it would be way over my head but was pleasantly surprised that all discussions wetre interesting and approachable.
Exciting moments? Being there for the birth of the Canadian Druidic Society. A defining moment in Canadian Pagan history. I still have chills. Also, being a part of the Pagan Tavern Cackle Choir and recording the Gaia Gathering CD. Sales of this CD will help fund future conferences AND are an opportunity to take original CANADIAN pagan music to our groups and communities. Artists include Shelley Rabinovitch, Montreal's own Alex, and Susan Hurrell of Winnipeg who concieved of this idea and accepted responsibility of making it happen. It was an honor to give voice to their creations and spread them nationally. Amazing and a great time of goosebumps and fellowship.
It was so good to be home, put faces to names, and just be with other like minded people. To hear new ideas, conception of new plans of action, be inspired to do more and do was a wonderful wonderful and exhausting time.
No wonder I needed so much sleep yesterday and last night..........

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Counting down

Today was mildly manic in the beginning but has mellowed out nicely. I am packed, the washer fluid is topped up, oil checked, trash removed from car, cd's stocked, hair is highlighted and trimmed... The only things left on my list are to make up the spare bed for Nathalie and take Cameron to soccer practice. TAH DAAAAAH. I have had way too much coffee I think.


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The View is cracking me up....

They are ranting and raving about last nights season finale of Grey's Anatomy. This show is soooo good. We were rivetted. The gals on The View are going on and on about McDreamy and Meredith gittin' it on in the examining room and how wrong it is because he's married blah blah blah.. All I can say is it was a mighty good scene!!LOL
But poor Denny and Izzy..he keeled and she quit. sigh. So sad.
My hunny got me an early anniversary present (June 11) yesterday so that I could have it in time for the road very own CELL PHONE. yes...I have joined the 21st century. I am now in communication while outside my home.. Woohoo. The model he wanted for me wasn't in stock so I have a loaner until next week. Mine will be blue (don't ask me what model it is...I don't know....Its blue ok??!). I feel much more secure now that I have a hope of calling for roadside assisstance. Yay me! Does Richard rock?? Tell him he rocks!!!! You know that he does. Of course I had to go get a Happy Bunny cell phone case ("Buy me stuff and I'll be nicer.")..hee hee hee. I like happy bunny...she's nasty.
So, today is Ben's play, and laundry so that we all have clean undies while I'm away, and bathrooms have been wiped down so Nathalie isn't totally grossed out when she stays over tomorrow night. Also, I need to remake the guest bed and Cammeron's bed (nightime accident). Tomorrow is my hair appointment and packing, checking car oil, getting washer fluid...ummmmm....
Also yesterday I got TAROT cards..woohoo. Ancestral Path Tarot Deck. I also got some Mercury fragrance oil to help with divination and lilac colored candles. Its all in a cute box now as my tarot tool box. (got the box, candles and holder at Dollarama). The boys are mildly intrigued becaus ethey think they are a game or playing cards of some sort. I almost wish that there was a junior tarot deck for kids but 78 cards is a lot for kids to learn..Then again they can memorise a jillion pokemon.... I am looking forward to getting Ben involved with the Young Pagan's Circle when he's ten. Now that he's nine I am thinking of teaching him a bit more about my beliefs. I have been sort of avoiding getting to into it with him because A) i don't know how well I can teach it and B) I wasn't sure how he could understand it at his age and C) who wants their kid running around Catholicville announcing his Mum's a witch??! He loves getting me to work with my pendulum because he thinks its like a game. I made the boys their own but they lost them. maybe I'll make him another and teach him how to use it on his own. He could also benefit from learning to ground, center and meditate and I need to practice. Hmmmm. When to fit it all in....?
oooh Willian Shatner's on! Don't hate me because I love him. He's a hoot. Gotta go. (we won't get how in love with Captain James T Kirk I was when I was 6)

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Oooh and ouch

Yesterdays class with Scarlet was cool. My intro to Tarot was way informative. I have a friend trhat does tarot readings abut she could never explain it to me in a way that I understood how it worked. Scarlet laid it out in point form and we did some interpretation and now I want that tarot deck. It just seemed very interpretable to me and I liked the artwork (for a change).
After craft work (sabbat crafts) and divination lecture I was so achey. I am starting to feel my age I think. Been taking ibuprophen for my left shoulder and right hip since last night and while he was out today Richard got me some Rub A5-35 extra strength. I feel better now...for now.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Rose delivery

My replacement Don Juan climbing rose came today. Last year I got 10 roses from Veseys with their year end sale. Some roses arrived as dead sticks and rotted in the ground. Since they discontinued one of the types I got a credit which I used to order a rose bush called "All That Jazz"...can't wait for that to come. Right this second I have the Don Juan soaking in preparation for planting. Wish him luck! He is going next to our front doorstep to welcome all comers with his red flowers and intense fragrance! Nyummy.
I set up the tumbler yesterday all by myself (tell me how handy I am...I have you in awe don't I?!) but I needed help getting it into a stabler position. Then we decided to anchor the stand with spikes. A fullish tumbler is VERY awkward and prone to flipping over. Now it is stable and firmly in place so I can turn the tumbler with more ease (that suckers getting heavy!). I love it.
To do today: Plant rose
remount the wall mounted pencil sharpener(need drywallanchors)
Vacuum upstairs
HOMEWORK oy...need counsellors! help

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

All Handy Folk..Read this

I stumbled across this Blog and am so glad I did. This guy tells the best stories. If I had been drinking something I am sure my nose would have become a fountain. the ceiling fan will never look the same to me. Thank you Magazine Man.

I am now The Compost Queen!

Tonight I got my Mother's Day gift. A tumbling composter. I have wanted one for years! Yay me!
Also, I haven't missed out on that maple tree scrap down the street. I dare a covert night time raid or go for the brazen broad daylight approach. Conundrum wrapped in a riddle wrapped in a ponderin'...
Also we got Krispy Kreme donuts on the way home. I am sooooo sugared up and happy.

You know you made a boo boo wheeeennnn......

..your comments to a childs mother become an International fiasco. This is what has happened to the principal of a Montreal area school when a mom called to find out why her child was embarrassed to eat in the way he had been brought up, with a fork and spoon.
There is always more than one versions of the truth in a situation ...have we heard anything from the principal to get his side of the story? Would it matter? Is the family's version of the events correct? Was little Luc reprimanded for eatting as is his family's custom, or for goofing around at the table like a seven year old tends to do? ( I have kids..I KNOW this happens regularly)
I think there must be some truth to the family's stand on what has happened. Why would a child say that his teacher/lunch monitor/whoever told him his eating habits were disgusting just out of the blue? It had to have come up enough to worry this poor kid and make him feel inferior and self concious. When my guys come home with their tales I know that this is THEIR version of events and that maybe the versions are skewed. Thus, I take it with a grain of salt and if the allegations are serious enough, I investigate. This seems to be what the mom did. What she reports the principal having said in return is very disturbing. Is this what he said?? Is this what he meant? Is there any misunderstanding in here ? Would a man in his position really say such a thing to a parent and think there would be no consequence???!
Its just so inconcievable that in this day and age in Canadian society a school official could be SUCH A BIGOTTED BONE HEAD. Can't there be a mistake? Tell me it ain't so.
If it is so..he needs a serious boot to the head and demotion if not firing. Such a person should not be in the position to pass his poison off as teaching to children.
Has there been any comment from the school board? Has there been anything in the form of FIXING this? It appears not. I can't find much online but my mom on the East Coast has told me about this case (as if i hadn't heard about it..hello! ) and apparently folks in the Phillipines are pissed off.
My my my boggles the mind eh?

Tuesday musin's

Its a lovely day in the neighborhood boys and girls. A day just full of summers promise!
Yesterday was my day for MPRC volunteering. It was fine. I bought some glorious new incense called Buddha's Grace. Melange has all kinds of new incense and books these days. it is soooo hard to choose something. I was hoping to find a new book but nothing just screamed BUY ME so i got incense. Came home to grossness though. Blossom did a pool of doggie diarrhea on Camerons bedroom floor. EEEEEEWWWWWWWW. I was NOT amused or impressed. Grossgrossgross.
I have been researching wand making. i don't actually have my own wand. I'm more of a non tool witch. Hands are all one really needs but the accoutrements are fun and folk are cutting tree branches like mad here and I hate to see all those sticks get wasted! I missed out on nabbing a branch of Maple but I rescued some hawthorn and maybe will get at some cedar trimmings . I don't want folk thinking I'm some tree branch trimming stealing nut though and this has made me lose out on apple tree pieces and those aforementioned maple leavings. Grrrrrr. Also..where to keep all my hoarded bits and pieces without making a mortal enemy of my beloved husband. Hmmm..sticks..husband...hmmmm... It is a bit of pondering.
As for LEARNING wand making...apparently it is a skill we learn in level 3. I want to know NOW, maaaaaan. Its not exactly rocket science by all I have read and I am sure I am quite capable but I still like to learn from others rather than just on my own. Also I have been thinking about starting my herbal but if I do it will my level 3 teacher make me do it AGAIN? No my lazy self says "not doin' twice" and I must wait.
I saw the most awesome scrap books at Chapters. wantwanttwant BUT they didn't have enough pages and also did not have "adding pages" capability. But so gorgeous. I don't scrapbook but these are a great size for books of shadows, grimoires and herbals. BUT NOT ENOUGH PAGES!! Come on bookmaking people! Smarten uuuuuppp. This is why we always end up making our own. grrr.
Richard has announced his intention to golf with Bruno again this Saturday which is cool with me. I reminded him that Sunday is Mother'sDay. Don't be fergittin' to gift the Mama! He has said that he's not getting what I asked for (bags of dirt) so I am a bit put out. He says he's got a better Idea. Whats better than DIRT??? I need mondo amounts of compost! Why is this so hard to get??grrrrrrr
Anyhooo...I have stuffs I should be doin' I suppose.

Sunday, May 07, 2006


What a lovely day! Sunny but with a bit of a chill.
Had a call from Nova Scotia. We rented our homestead to a wonderful couple with 2 kids who had homestead yearnings themselves. Today Kelley called and we had such a marvelous chat and catch up session. We have some folk in common and had a laugh about that (she had heard about our lice episode), were both mothers of young children in the country so we shared sympathies over how hard young children can be and i soothed that it WOULD get easier (it did for me) as the kids get older, and just gabbed about girls stuff and farm stuff. It was sooooo nice. I came away with a big smile and a yearning to be sitting in the kitchen with her at the farm with mugs of Earl Grey and the kids rambling around and getting to hold Anna who found me sssooooo entertaining when she was one year old. Would she find me so hilarious and attractive now that she over 2? I really really like Mark and Kelley and am so glad they are happy in our home.
Feeling all warm and fuzzy..........

Friday, May 05, 2006

Who Knew??

I had no idea that Naked Mole Rats were an actual REAL animal! huh.

Serenity Charity Screening

Things seem to be ticking right along on the screening works. Prakash, Scarlet, and Sebastien have been doing an awesome job. I feel very happy to be a part of the process. I'm a "tell me what to do" kinda person rather than a prime organiser and that suits me juuuuuust fine!!! All the why wherefore and whosamicwhatchits confuse me. Just tell me what to do and YOU deal with the legalities and details.
gearing up for the big "trip" east in two weeks...eeeeeeee. excited. Gotta make lists soon. What clothes need to be available, what do I need to take home to family, what do I need to remember to take back with me, who do I try to fit into my schedule. This isn't just about the conference for me. I mean, yeah thats cool and all but I will be trying to fit in visiting and quality time too. So nightime activities and just hanging around with the conference folk will be kinda limited a bit. I can't wait to throw my arms around my sister and just give her a big ol' hug. There may be tears.
Yesterday I was super frustrated..our pool is NOT clearing well. I went to Canadian Tire to examine my additive options and maybe get some pool advice and do you think I could find ANYONE to help me?? NO. Noone was in the pool section at all. And anyone I did stop elsewhere spoke NO English at all. ARGH. That fucking language barrier leaves big ol' marks when I run ito it.
I know I'm being unreasonable but its still frustrating to not be able to do the simplest frigging things. Some people are nice and helpful and TRY to understand my French (which I am told is improving) but then there are those that just look at me as if I am from Mars or something and WILL NOT slow their speech down so that I MIGHT be able to pick out enough words to put together an idea of what the fuck they are blathering about. siiiiigggghhhhhh.
Anyways, thats life.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

14 days..............

Fourteen days from this moment, Nathalie and I will beon the roads to Halifax for the National Conference, The Gaia Gathering. I am starting to get excited. I have never done a conference and am worried most about being bored by the intellectuals...because I am not an intellectual. My attention span is too short for involved dicussions on things I am not reaaly all that on top of. Leaning towards Environmental, song, and pagan parenting discussions. These are things relevant to me and I am glad that they are on the schedule.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Got Roses?

I do!
The "dead" tea roses out back? Well they ain't dead after all! ha! yay! Can't remeber what they are though...pretty sure Double Delight. Today I went to Rona and got a Blossomtime climber and a "Helen Hayes" Brownell tea rose. Supposed to be winter hardy. We shall see shan't we. I'm happy. I played in dirt until 5 o'clock. Now my lower back is mad because of the kneeling and bending. find something interesting to do with chicken legs for supper.....


Thats the weather lately. Chilly and wet since Monday afternoon/night. Word has it that it'll get better.
I FINALLY repotted the Principe Borghese tomato plants(6). They are getting very big and I in the little peat pots they weren't staying moist. Now they are in 1 liter cream and juice containers...still could have used some height to the container but oh well. The other tomatoes (Big Beef(3), Bush Beef (3), and Superfantastic(2 or 3) ) got potted up too. I also watered everyone and put the perennials outside for some fresh air. Oooh and my shoo fly plants are stll alive and one has bloomed! Such a soft pretty blue with a white interior! I repotted them and watered too.
Uuum...talked to my wonderful sister today. i cannot wait to arrive in NS. Also spoke to my Marla. Mike is STILL not home from Hawaii . She's blue.

I actually got the laundry hauled down to the laundry room and have yesterday's load rewashing. I WILL stay in control of the laundry situation if its the last thing I do..Know what I need? A chute. Wonder how and where I could put one in.? That would be veeeerrry helpful.
I got some compost and black earth yesterday. not enough but a start for the season. Now....who gets some? who needs it most? I think the hydrangeas could use the compost big time.
Last year I planted 10 has survived (barely). i am not popular for "wasting" my money. This year NO TEA ROSES. Shrub roses only from now on. I mean it. Maybe this afternoon I will mosey to the nursery and list what I want. Thats a nice way to spend an afternoon. Hmm?
Also Veseys still owes me 3 from the dead ones they sent last year. Must email.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Been Offline

Our babysitter, sweet as she is, somehow changed a setting or two on our Connection info and so we haven' been able to get online for a couple of days. Its been a pain but what can ya do.
The brunch was fine Sunday. The food was good. The location seemed ok if a bit far to walk from the metro (I had 2 children with me). The staff could have been much more pleasant though.You'd think that a business would be happy to get a group of our size because it means more money in the till at the end of the day. Its not as if they had no warning like when a bus arrives at McDonalds. I found at first the waitresses were stressed to the point of being a bit unfriendly (resentful of the stress?) but that could just be me. I know that I ordered Sam some more tea when I asked for more coffee and though the coffee did eventually arrive, the tea never did. My son tired of waiting for me to flag the waitress down so that he could have more milk, and basically got her attention himself when she passed him by. The power of little kids!! She was very gracious to him...he was happy she called him "sweetie". All in all it was fine. Maybe next time they'll be better prepared for us. The boys also enjoyed the Tam Tams on Mont Royal and treasure the tam tam and maracas we got before hand.
Saturday night was a lovely time at Richard's coworkers house. It was nice to be out with grown ups even if I have nothing in common with them.
Passed my stone lore test on Friday and am working on my animal lore. Boy there is a lot of homework.
Today I am a vegetable. Really. I don't want to move. I wish I could just curl up and nap this cold grey afternoon away but Ben has an orthodontist appointment after school. Early to bed for me tonight.