Thursday, May 11, 2006

Rose delivery

My replacement Don Juan climbing rose came today. Last year I got 10 roses from Veseys with their year end sale. Some roses arrived as dead sticks and rotted in the ground. Since they discontinued one of the types I got a credit which I used to order a rose bush called "All That Jazz"...can't wait for that to come. Right this second I have the Don Juan soaking in preparation for planting. Wish him luck! He is going next to our front doorstep to welcome all comers with his red flowers and intense fragrance! Nyummy.
I set up the tumbler yesterday all by myself (tell me how handy I am...I have you in awe don't I?!) but I needed help getting it into a stabler position. Then we decided to anchor the stand with spikes. A fullish tumbler is VERY awkward and prone to flipping over. Now it is stable and firmly in place so I can turn the tumbler with more ease (that suckers getting heavy!). I love it.
To do today: Plant rose
remount the wall mounted pencil sharpener(need drywallanchors)
Vacuum upstairs
HOMEWORK oy...need counsellors! help

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