Tuesday, May 30, 2006


So, I have been home just under a week and my brain seems to have finally reconfigured to "home" mode after copious amounts of sleep and bewilderment.
Poor brain.
I FINALLY revised my Ink paper and sent it off to the lovely Amanda of WynterGreene. I just c ould not seem to sit and get to it!! In the end it didn't take long and seemed to make sense. i guess the Muse just had to hold me down long enough to type. Thanks for the patience Amanda.
Now this got me to thinking...I wonder if I could shop that article out to a paying magazine like Sage Woman or Circle? I wonder if its good enough or of interest. Something for me to ponder on. Thats me, the Wanderin' Ponderer, thinker of thoughts and doer of little.
Maybe I will change my name.
Cameron had his first socccer match last evening and was a bit taken aback. They play a bit harder than he expected and the game didn't last all that long ( one hour). For those interested, it was a tie. Ben watched and now has an idea of what he's in for tonight.
Lets seee....what else...we went insane Friday and bought a bench for the entry with the Visa card and a "box" for me. Its teak and about 18" by 18" with a hinged lid. The bench is maybe 3 feet long by 18 inches wide with short legs and a hinged lid. Distressed dark finish. Both pieces are from India I believe.
The boys got sunburned on Sunday after a day in the pool. Yes, pool season is here for real. It was lovely yesterday at a balmy 22 degree water. refreshing.

Gotta fly.


Tigerlily said...

Oh goodie *claps hands excitedly*... an article to edit. I'm stepping in to copy-edit for Amanda at WynterGreene on the next issue. Can't wait to read your article :)

Whaledancer said...

OMG..please..be kind...pleeeeeaaaase