Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Thats the weather lately. Chilly and wet since Monday afternoon/night. Word has it that it'll get better.
I FINALLY repotted the Principe Borghese tomato plants(6). They are getting very big and I in the little peat pots they weren't staying moist. Now they are in 1 liter cream and juice containers...still could have used some height to the container but oh well. The other tomatoes (Big Beef(3), Bush Beef (3), and Superfantastic(2 or 3) ) got potted up too. I also watered everyone and put the perennials outside for some fresh air. Oooh and my shoo fly plants are stll alive and one has bloomed! Such a soft pretty blue with a white interior! I repotted them and watered too.
Uuum...talked to my wonderful sister today. i cannot wait to arrive in NS. Also spoke to my Marla. Mike is STILL not home from Hawaii . She's blue.

I actually got the laundry hauled down to the laundry room and have yesterday's load rewashing. I WILL stay in control of the laundry situation if its the last thing I do..Know what I need? A chute. Wonder how and where I could put one in.? That would be veeeerrry helpful.
I got some compost and black earth yesterday. not enough but a start for the season. Now....who gets some? who needs it most? I think the hydrangeas could use the compost big time.
Last year I planted 10 has survived (barely). i am not popular for "wasting" my money. This year NO TEA ROSES. Shrub roses only from now on. I mean it. Maybe this afternoon I will mosey to the nursery and list what I want. Thats a nice way to spend an afternoon. Hmm?
Also Veseys still owes me 3 from the dead ones they sent last year. Must email.

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