Tuesday, May 09, 2006

You know you made a boo boo wheeeennnn......

..your comments to a childs mother become an International fiasco. This is what has happened to the principal of a Montreal area school when a mom called to find out why her child was embarrassed to eat in the way he had been brought up, with a fork and spoon.
There is always more than one versions of the truth in a situation ...have we heard anything from the principal to get his side of the story? Would it matter? Is the family's version of the events correct? Was little Luc reprimanded for eatting as is his family's custom, or for goofing around at the table like a seven year old tends to do? ( I have kids..I KNOW this happens regularly)
I think there must be some truth to the family's stand on what has happened. Why would a child say that his teacher/lunch monitor/whoever told him his eating habits were disgusting just out of the blue? It had to have come up enough to worry this poor kid and make him feel inferior and self concious. When my guys come home with their tales I know that this is THEIR version of events and that maybe the versions are skewed. Thus, I take it with a grain of salt and if the allegations are serious enough, I investigate. This seems to be what the mom did. What she reports the principal having said in return is very disturbing. Is this what he said?? Is this what he meant? Is there any misunderstanding in here ? Would a man in his position really say such a thing to a parent and think there would be no consequence???!
Its just so inconcievable that in this day and age in Canadian society a school official could be SUCH A BIGOTTED BONE HEAD. Can't there be a mistake? Tell me it ain't so.
If it is so..he needs a serious boot to the head and demotion if not firing. Such a person should not be in the position to pass his poison off as teaching to children.
Has there been any comment from the school board? Has there been anything in the form of FIXING this? It appears not. I can't find much online but my mom on the East Coast has told me about this case (as if i hadn't heard about it..hello! ) and apparently folks in the Phillipines are pissed off.
My my my my...it boggles the mind eh?

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