Sunday, May 07, 2006


What a lovely day! Sunny but with a bit of a chill.
Had a call from Nova Scotia. We rented our homestead to a wonderful couple with 2 kids who had homestead yearnings themselves. Today Kelley called and we had such a marvelous chat and catch up session. We have some folk in common and had a laugh about that (she had heard about our lice episode), were both mothers of young children in the country so we shared sympathies over how hard young children can be and i soothed that it WOULD get easier (it did for me) as the kids get older, and just gabbed about girls stuff and farm stuff. It was sooooo nice. I came away with a big smile and a yearning to be sitting in the kitchen with her at the farm with mugs of Earl Grey and the kids rambling around and getting to hold Anna who found me sssooooo entertaining when she was one year old. Would she find me so hilarious and attractive now that she over 2? I really really like Mark and Kelley and am so glad they are happy in our home.
Feeling all warm and fuzzy..........

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