Thursday, May 25, 2006


I am seriously deficient in energy. Bear with me while I blather.
This past weekend was road trip time for me and the delightful Nathalie. The drive to Nova Scotia for the 2nd annual Gaia Gathering was filled with chatter. Honestly? We never fuckin' shut up for the whole 15 to 16 hours. My throat is sore and I find I am very quiet now that I am home. Chattered out. It was glorious.
This was my first conference of any sort. i was afraid that some of it would be way over my head but was pleasantly surprised that all discussions wetre interesting and approachable.
Exciting moments? Being there for the birth of the Canadian Druidic Society. A defining moment in Canadian Pagan history. I still have chills. Also, being a part of the Pagan Tavern Cackle Choir and recording the Gaia Gathering CD. Sales of this CD will help fund future conferences AND are an opportunity to take original CANADIAN pagan music to our groups and communities. Artists include Shelley Rabinovitch, Montreal's own Alex, and Susan Hurrell of Winnipeg who concieved of this idea and accepted responsibility of making it happen. It was an honor to give voice to their creations and spread them nationally. Amazing and a great time of goosebumps and fellowship.
It was so good to be home, put faces to names, and just be with other like minded people. To hear new ideas, conception of new plans of action, be inspired to do more and do was a wonderful wonderful and exhausting time.
No wonder I needed so much sleep yesterday and last night..........

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