Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Tuesday musin's

Its a lovely day in the neighborhood boys and girls. A day just full of summers promise!
Yesterday was my day for MPRC volunteering. It was fine. I bought some glorious new incense called Buddha's Grace. Melange has all kinds of new incense and books these days. it is soooo hard to choose something. I was hoping to find a new book but nothing just screamed BUY ME so i got incense. Came home to grossness though. Blossom did a pool of doggie diarrhea on Camerons bedroom floor. EEEEEEWWWWWWWW. I was NOT amused or impressed. Grossgrossgross.
I have been researching wand making. i don't actually have my own wand. I'm more of a non tool witch. Hands are all one really needs but the accoutrements are fun and folk are cutting tree branches like mad here and I hate to see all those sticks get wasted! I missed out on nabbing a branch of Maple but I rescued some hawthorn and maybe will get at some cedar trimmings . I don't want folk thinking I'm some tree branch trimming stealing nut though and this has made me lose out on apple tree pieces and those aforementioned maple leavings. Grrrrrr. Also..where to keep all my hoarded bits and pieces without making a mortal enemy of my beloved husband. Hmmm..sticks..husband...hmmmm... It is a bit of pondering.
As for LEARNING wand making...apparently it is a skill we learn in level 3. I want to know NOW, maaaaaan. Its not exactly rocket science by all I have read and I am sure I am quite capable but I still like to learn from others rather than just on my own. Also I have been thinking about starting my herbal but if I do it will my level 3 teacher make me do it AGAIN? No way...so my lazy self says "not doin' twice" and I must wait.
I saw the most awesome scrap books at Chapters. wantwanttwant BUT they didn't have enough pages and also did not have "adding pages" capability. But so gorgeous. I don't scrapbook but these are a great size for books of shadows, grimoires and herbals. BUT NOT ENOUGH PAGES!! Come on bookmaking people! Smarten uuuuuppp. This is why we always end up making our own. grrr.
Richard has announced his intention to golf with Bruno again this Saturday which is cool with me. I reminded him that Sunday is Mother'sDay. Don't be fergittin' to gift the Mama! He has said that he's not getting what I asked for (bags of dirt) so I am a bit put out. He says he's got a better Idea. Whats better than DIRT??? I need mondo amounts of compost! Why is this so hard to get??grrrrrrr
Anyhooo...I have stuffs I should be doin' I suppose.


Nathalie Twilight said...

Hi there!I didn't know you blogged!
I have one too, I just always forget to write in it!
Maybe under the bed would be a good place for those sticks. it is of public notoriety that men don't look under beds(and that is why, when you finally do, you find all kinds of stuff there, LOL!), and it's a good lenght too!
I will pack the book on trees so that you can take a look on Monday and maybe will bring it on the trip too.
For the Herbal, you might just manage to coax Scarlet into giving you the minimum list of plants/trees that have to go into it (but from there, the sky is the limit!) and the minimum different infos you need to put in so that you don't work for nothing (or just get something in which you can easily add/remove pages). On the other hand, there are STACKS of things to do in level 2 and you don't want to overwork yourself...
Dirt is indeed essential to the gardener-addict! For my part, I have been trying to sweet talk the boys and JP to make me breakfast in bed, but I just don't think JP will have the patience to supervise them for something like this...Oh well, if worst comes to worst, I also indicated a new scent I like at "Fruit et Passion" so they have a few choices and I know that the kids have been working on "top secret" projects at school for Mothers'Day!

Whaledancer said...

Hi Nat!
Yes I am starting to sweat over my Level two stuff..its just not the stuff I waaaaannnnt!!LOL Gotta crawl before dancin' the cha cha eh?

Aurora said...

Nathalie, i did not know you blogged!!! Whats your address?
And as for wands, you can make your own now, however usually level 2's are in over drive doing other fun activities and crafts. :) If you come over one time i can show you mine. :) Are you free friday from 530-8?