Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Home Again

We arrrived home by nine pm last night, a full 3 hours ahead of our projected ETA. Divided highways rock! It seems that every trip back to Nova Scotia is faster than previously done. Well done highway building people. Well done.
Of course it was not nearly a long enough visit. It never seems to be. I need one where I am back soooo long that my family all gets on my nerves and I can't wait to get back to my own place. So far, no dice. I am glad to be back in my own basement slurping my coffee and listening to my kids tear the place apart without concern for someone else's sensibilities though. There really is no substitute for your own home.
So, we arrived in the greater HRM (Halifax Regional Municipality) around midnightish Thursday. Bleary eyed and exausted but also exhilerated to be back. Julie welcomed us back with open arms and prepared beds. She is so competant and thoughful!! We all crashed about 40 minutes later and sawed logs through her going to work next morning. We rose to find coffee in the pot and a day ahead of us. Also it was MY BIRTHDAY! Woo Hoo! We ran a couple of errands that turned into cruising the Sunnyside Mall. There is some serious coolness there.
Then it was rush to my visit with the fantastic Karen, surrogate mom/sister/friend and godmommy to my Cammie Bear. So goooooooood to be back in her welcoming home and arms. We went to a yarn shop and became delirious with color, texture, price tags and fiber blends. I was resentful of my spending limit because I was dazzled by the possibilities overflowing the bins. No Fleece Artist for me ....THIS TIME. I got a very soft soft soft 100% wool from England in 3 colors for Richard's earflap hat. 2 balls greyish blue, one ball off white, one ball baby blue. It will be great.
The coffee and pastry at Julien's Patisserie. YUMMY! I had something with apple that blew me away. Very much tasted like MORE. After that it was back to Julie's for supper. Excellent pot roast . Much sipping of wine(them) and vodka soda (me). Her paql Dawn came by with her sister Janice and we all sat around the table sipping and giggling and gabbing. Richard even enjoyed it even though he was the only adult male in attendence. After many "Where are my presents??" they finally gave me my pressies for birthday number 39. Fleece jammies from l'equipeur(Marks Work Wearhouse). Oh my gods they are to die for. Sarah MacLaughlin's WinterSong CD, and the 2007 Witches Spell A Day Almanac, which Julie got for me. I was super touched at her thoughfulness at giving me something like that.
It was an excellent birthday.
Then Saturday was errand and rushing and going to the family party at my siter's home and hour or so away. We were later than they expected us and my other sister was convinced we were dead in a ditch. Sorry!!! It was a wonderful blur of hugs and joy and chaos as kids openned gifts and we all tried to get caught up. After we left I cried and cried halfway back to Julie's. Sunday was a visit to Jessie's to spend some time with her and my mom and dad before my bro Kenny took them back to their home 1 1/2 hours drive away.
Many lovelies were given to me by Jessie both as birthday gift and her closet clear out so the car coming home was more full than the trip there!!!
I kept the boys home this morning to do homework, sleep in (they didn't), and get baths etc. They will go to school this afternoon. I took NO pictures while away BUT my nieces did so I will post some as soon as I have some.

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Tigerlily said...

Happy to hear you had good weather on your drive and made it back home safely :) Thanks for peeking in on my blog and sending me some good healing energies. I still need them. Dang nagging cough... it's approaching 4 weeks already. I just love winter *cough cough* LOL.