Friday, December 22, 2006

The 22nd

Depending on your calendar, Happy Day After Solstice or Happy Solstice! Ra! Ra! Ra! He's a Sun god! He's fun god! Ra! Ra! Ra!
Ok..thats done.
I finally made it out of my cozy womb that is my basement, to attend a stitch and bitch with the Montreal Knitters. It was so awesome to sit and sip and knit with like minded people. The gals that showed up were so nice and friendly and inspire me to new knitting heights. I finished Richard's earflap hat which I actually followed the pattern for, more or less. It turned out real good! I'm very proud.
Yesterady I had a couple of culinary disasters. One, exploding candy canes, and 2, fucked up cookie dough. The candy canes didn't actually explode but the may as well have for the mess that happened when I was crushing them for a recipe. Word of advice: Buy the really really tough zip lock bags for recipes that call for crushing, pounding, or whacking.
As for the cookie dough, this was so we could make sugar cookies but i somehow frigged up the ingredient and had to spend much times and effort and hair pulling in fixing the recipe. Grrr....

It never fails. I try to be motherly and it all goes to 773H Upside Down Street in a handbasket. At least I didn't lose an eye in the candy cane fiasco. Those fuckers are sharp.

So now its the 22nd and school is out for the holidays as of lunch time today. They go back on the 8th (I think) so no early alarm clock for me for several days. WooHoo!

Also, the turkey is frozen hard as rock. Should I take it out today to thaw in the fridge for brining on Sunday for cooking on Monday? Just wondering...........


Tigerlily said...

Your 3rd to last paragraph cracked me up!!! I know what you mean. I still have cards I haven't mailed out, people I'm not sure I've got presents for, and some kid in my basement keeps screaming for me to send him back home and I'm not entirely sure he's mine. (J/K!! LOL) December has felt waaaay too busy this year. I agree that flying cars and robots would make things so much easier. But really, I'm not so sure. I think I'm going to just go wall myself up until New Year's.

Happy Holidays!!!

Vicky said...

Poor Allison, sounds like you are having a rough time, but it will all be over soon. Hang in there. Love ya, Vicky