Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Yulefication Process

Or, getting ready for choose your term but they are synonymous pretty much. Tonight around ten we leave for our weekend in Nova Scotia. I still need to pack, after yesterday's laundry marathon. Also, yesterday I forgot my hair appointment!! ARGH. Nancy has me booked this afternoon, thank gods. My brain is too taken up with stuff needing to be done or at least not forgotten.
Decorating has not factored huge in my priorities just yet. The lights have been up outside almost two weeks. I hung some snowflakes from the dining room light fixture and filled an antique soup tureen with ornaments and pinecones(snagged them whilst out on a walk.....the pinecones that is). Looks nice. Oh and a red,white, and green striped vinyl tablecloth. Thats more because I am fearing for our table top's health with my messy eaters. Is more a protective measure than decorative .
I have finished 4 out of 5 neckwarmers. Still need to do a purple one for Holly. So, in my neice's gift bags we will see fuzzy neckwarmers, pretty sparkle gel pens, lip gloss compacts, and chocolate initials (A for Annika, P for Payton, etc etc). I think thats good. Last year it was feather boas and other girly stuffs. heh heh FUN! it until I get back, I think. Fare well, my friends.


Suldog said...

I really like the bowlful of ornaments/pinecones. MY WIFE and I did something similar last year, less the pinecones. I think they add a nice touch, though, so maybe we'll "steal" that from you.

Whaledancer said...

Aaaaah...but is it stealing from me if'n I stole it from a magazine???LOL