Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Holiday Card blitz

Today was the day. The day I get writers cramp. The one day a year I buy lots and lots of stamps. Its Holiday card day. Of course everyone gets christmas cards, not too many Solstice cards on the market and in boxes at $5.99 for 20 (sorry folks..I'm a cheapo), but for those not of a christmas mind I picked unchristmassy pictures and wrote happy solstice. All the text inside's in french anyways so they'll all ignore that part. But I am DONE. The list changes from year to years due to marriages and/or deaths in my address book but pretty much everyone that I have had contact with in the last couple of years gets a card. Which brings me to etiquette:
If I knew you but haven't heard a word from you in X number of years, do I still have to send a card? I say NO. BuhBye BFF's of yesterdecade. You think I am put on this Earth to personally make sure Canada Post employees have jobs?

If you made me a lovely hand made card should I feel guilty about sending a cheap ass card? I say NO..the important thing is I got writers cramp addressing your envelope and so have suffered, if not artistically, over your christmas card. And possibly got a paper cut on my tongue from sealing the envelope. Therefore, perhaps you owe ME.

If you send me a card but I don't like you, do I still have to send you a card? I say YES, because I refuse to let you have the last word. Or card.

So, family and friends still in my address book, all 34 of you, I send out to all a happy holiday greeting card. I must now go soak my hand in an epsom salts bath fragranced with pine and vanilla. Fa la la la la la la la la.


Vicky said...

Hey Alison, speaking of acrds my left mine on Wanda's coffeetable, LOL.It has turned out that this year I actually needed about 60 crads (which I made) and I think next year I will buy a certain portion of them. It's tooooo much.Too bad about the hand cramps hahaha. Talk to ya later. I will send the pics I took your way.

Whaledancer said...

No way...are you sure?????? Then..whose card is on my stringy car holdery thingamabob....
Ok.I checked. I have it! Hanging next to Teri-Lynn's creation.
You do realise that the card etiquette was paper cut tongue in cheek right? And YES ..DO BUY CARDS. I can't stand the guilt! LOL
Wow..60 cards..I really am a sad pathetic loser eh??