Saturday, December 16, 2006


My baby turned 8 yesterday. OY! The pain in my heart.
I remember parts of his birth like it was yesterday and will not bore you/ gross you out with details such as the fact that he got stuck on the way. No, lets us focus on the joys that is my Cammie-Bear.
When he was born I was amazed at both his size (9 pounds, 8 ounces) and his appetite(immediate and constant). Neither has changed. He is the polar opposite of his older brother (6, 13 and picky eater extraordinaire). In personality he is much like me, joking and cuddling but easily wounded and mouthy. He has brightened our lives now for 8 whole years and its so hard to believe we've lasted this long. Parenthood is not a simple thing but having great kids can make it survivable! Really!
Yesterday I kept the kids out of school for the afternoon so that we could join Daddy at his hotel for an afternoon of room service lunch, cartoons, and swimming in the hotel pool. The disapproval emanating from their teachers was palpable but unspoken..hee hee hee..I am sucky mother of the year!!!!
Then it was back home for grocery shopping, junk food and watching Avatar, volume 1 which was one of Cameron's gifts. Very awesome and tiring for all of us.
Today we will go see a movie (Happy Feet or Eragon) and have his cool Star Wars cake (from the grocery store since all agree my cakes are most unspectacular). Possibly supper at Chateau De La Lune (chinese buffet extraordinaire!) also..not sure.
8 years old...its all a blur...sigh.....Soon I will no longer be the love of his life and funniest bestest mother in the world. sigh..... :o)


Suldog said...


You are so kind. Me, a blogcrush? I'm blushing so hard they could use my face to light the way for ships at sea. Thank you.

Whaledancer said...

Awww..see! and so modest! Up a notch for you!! LOL