Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Grrrr Miss Kiiitttttyyyyyyy

So, its now winter here in the greater Montreal area. For real. WINTER. With snow and ice and cold. In Nova Scotia winter happens but waffles about it. It gets cold then it gets warm.....snow then rain, back and forth, too and fro. Mud and ice are the mainstays of NS winter with some snow that stays for awhile around February. Well more snow than that but the earlier and later snows don't stay.
Here, last week, it was about 15 degrees Celcius. Thats not very cold unless you have a strong wind. Lovely. Then friday was a major ass freezing rain and wind storm all day and night...what a mess!! There were power outages and folk fearing for another catastrphic ice storm like the Big One a few years ago. But it wasn't. Saturdayu was cold but fine and then Sunday...I awoke to snow. It snowed lightly and playfully and a small bit accumulatively all day. We had a few inches down. And...its...still...here... Whats the big deal? you may ask. Well, its not...exactly. But when you come from a place where the ground appears periodically throughout the winter, the prospect of being in a deep freeze for the next 5 months is unnerving. I'm feeling stir crazy already and its only day 3...well, stir crazi-ER. Oh my...5...more....months......

Oh yeah...My point of this post........
Now that its officially winter weather, Miss Kitty doesn't want to go outside. Thats fine with me! She's 10 now and slowing down. She always went out in NS but then again, see above statements on NS weather. When we got Monkey, I moved the unused litter box up to the main floor bathroom to make it more accessible for his Highness. That was a month ago. Miss Kittyy and Flash have seen where it is..have sniffed it...haven't used it, but thats ok.
But now its NOT OK because Miss Kitty, in her geriatric moments, has gotten befuddled about where the litter box is and crapped on the play room floor TWICE. Being pretty is not going to get you outta trouble this time Missy.

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