Sunday, December 24, 2006

Uh Oh

So...we just finished all the wrapping. Its is done. And Santa fucked up big time.
See..this is what happenes when two people shop. One thinks the other bought blah and the other thinks one did. We did go out and shopped until we thought we'd go seemed like we bought a lot. But then its all wrapped and its not all that much.
And we say "ooh that'd be great for christmas"..then don't buy it. Wait til next week we say.. Well guess what???
Its fucking christmas eve and the pickings are slim for the kids because mommy and daddy are IDIOTS!!!!!!


Vicky said...

OMG...I never knew that you swore...guess I just never noticed before. It is funny though, LOL. I hate to say it, but buying throughout the year ends up being cheaper andless stressful. I did that this year and it really hepled. Thanks for your note on my blog, it was appreciated. I still haven't heard if the evil sister is pregnant for sure or not yet. GRRR

Suldog said...

I'm willing to bet that Mommy and Daddy raised the kids right, though, so everything turned out OK. Right?

Whaledancer said...

Thanks Vicky. Love you babe.

Suldog, my man, you are psychic I think. The kids were thrilled with their Christmas because what they did get was way cool. That paired with candy made for a happy day!!