Tuesday, July 25, 2006

We're Baaaaaaack

Home again after 10ish days of vacation. Verdict? More communication is required about what we want to do and when. Richard feels that its was all my schedule and he had to try and fit his things in.
Other than that it was great. The weather was very cooperative. Heat and sun and sand and beachcombing and fly bites and camp fires and sun burns and family and friends. All good.
Now we are home and my period is making me cranky from the bloating, water retention and pain. BUT I feel very rested since coming home to my own bed. I love my bed.
Came home to gardens that had exploded with progress, weeds that also seemed to multiply by the jillions and a mouse situation in the kitchen. NOT HAPPY. 3 cats in residence and we have a mouse or mouses. Caught one last night. I hope its the only one but what are the chances? On the good side, I scrubbed and bleached frantically so now you could eat off the floors beneath the stove and fridge. Also they were nowhere near as scary as I had feared. All the drawers of utensils were emptied, scrubbed with bleach, utensils sanitised in dishwasher with bleach and detergent, towels etc washed. Today I stripped all beds and have the washer going . I have also disposed of some clothes I am not wearing and will drop them off at a charity bin. Now things fit in the drawers again.
As I remember vacationy things I will record them here. I should have journalled at the time but I suck at that. Some moments were blissful...like when my older sister and I frolicked in the waters between sand bars near Point 44 like a couple of porpoises...wejust couldn't get enough! We found an insane number of sand dollars! Caught hermit crabs for the boys to look at too. Just plain fun!
Spent the first Saturday at Risser's for the entire day and Julie got a major sun burn but the kids did great. The water was chilly but Cameron never stopped the whole day..it was amazing! Ben too.. They made friend with other camping kids on the beach and all had a great time. I'd love to spend a week there someday. Except I hate out houses and the showers are far far away.
Oh well... I'm sad to have left but glad to be in my space.

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Aurora said...

I'm glad your back safe and sound!