Friday, July 07, 2006


No more day camp. I hated getting up so early even though it meant my house was empty for the day. I'd rather sleep in and yell at kids. :oD
Today i get my hair cut. I looooooooove going to a salon because I feel pampered and they wash my hair for me. Feels..soooo..goood.....(drooling snorfling sounds like Homer on a donut).
Tomorrow is the HERB WALK! I am thrilled and excited. Its supposed to be hot (not happy n'excited) and fine. So looking forward to this. What is an herb walk? An herb walk, in this instance, is going on a tour of an area with an herbalist and learning to recognise medicinal and magical herbs for future use. I need help with chickweed and nettles. Not sure on their identity. Those not into herbal things mock me for my vague obsession when I'm on hikes (husband) or out at public rit (SAM) but I enjoy recognising these plants. Once upon a time everyone (practically) knew these names and whether they were friend or foe. I wanna know! And I have NO idea why. Its always been this way . Will I make teas and tinctures etc etc? Maybe not but at least I'll know I can. It would probably be a waste of my time since NOONE in this family ever listens to me when it comes to their health. Make someone a soothing tea to ease a cold and bring comfort? It sits and gets cold and the person whines about how crappy they feel. "So feel crappy and shut the fuck up then!!!" See if I help you again you silly sob.
Ooh angst and bitterness..
And then will commence the prep frenzy for vacation. VACATION BABY! WHOOOHOOHOO. Herbs to meet (MUST GET SOME SWEET FERN) and beached to comb. yeeeeaaaaaaahhhh. Ooh and drinks to have with friends. And seeing family and getting huuuuugs.
I cannot wait for Thursday. Want to leave NOW.'s good.


Tigerlily said...

Those who mock your herbal lore should be strung over the rafters. Herbal lore is a very useful skill. I'm only just learning myself and have found some excellent books out there, as well as a useful forum or two on the web. I am so very proud of my basil plant. It's one of the few things I've ever been able to grow that I can eat too :)

Whaledancer said...

Kris, you would have loved the herb walk. it was amazing.

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