Wednesday, July 26, 2006

My Bathroom is sooooooo Clean

Its amazing what caffeine can make me accomplish. Today its fairly humid for me..I was soaked when finished the bathroom because I sweated so much. I am very humidity unfriendly.
My upstairs bathroom does get cleaned but its time (beyond time) for a deep down scrub fest. Today was that day. Walls were washed, windows scrubbed, floors super scrubbed...corners gotten into with a toothbrush.. the bathroom now gleams. I wish it would stay that way. I also wish for a pony and a plastic rocket...LOL Serenity related..funny to me.
Actually I would like a new window treatment for the bathroom. I hate whats came with the house and we aren't all that decorish so it stayed but I truly hate it. I think its time for what I want in there.
Anyhoo, looks like my trip back east is scheduled for me leaving on the 5th (Saturday). Its gonna be hectic. Doesn't that defeat the purpose? I'll start in Pictou county and finish on the south shore. Wonder if I can make it in one trip on my own?hmmm.
The kids are awesome today. They had Mathieu over to play and have been over shortly and now that lunch is over will go back. I'm gonna figure out a supper and maybe do some more house work but I'm running outta steam.

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