Sunday, July 09, 2006

What a world......

If you turn off the news and don't stay tuned in, this world is a magical mystical place. And I am so glad that I have an interest in it!!!
Yesterdays herb walk with the fantastic Melina was in a word "awesome". Thats not even a good enough word. i wish we could have stayed aaaaaaallllll day and not just the two hours we did. The park was a beautiful...truly beautiful. Also a bounty of healing to those who understand it and respect it. If you spirit is sore and in need of soothing, stroll the paths and find a secluded spot by a stream and just the play of sun and shadow amongst the flora. Nibble a bit of violet leaf, birch stem, or a thimble berry (if they are ripe). Center and ground and pour your excesses into the Earth with gratitude that she always accepts you. Open your ears to the whisper of the breeze in leaves and the music of the birds. Fill your vision with green (opens the heart chakra). And breathe. In this hectic stressy life we don't breathe deeply enough. Fight or flight is always activated in our shallow stressed breathing and we exude cortisol! Breathe deep into the belly and let out the tension on the exhale. Stop the cortisol production for a few. Lean agaist that tree or that rock and just be.
I am in love with Mount Royal.

Herbs good and bad abound and Melina was a fabulous and natural guide. Her enthusiasm matched ours. We became friends with nettle, plantain, violet, valerian, mugwort, dwarf enchanters nightshade, and became wary of RED elderberry.(also learned how to tell the diff in flowers and berry from BLACK elderberry, queen of healing plants)
I hope Flora Medicina gets their english program going soon. I can't move back home until I attend. Hear me? You have 5 years, minimum!
Richard insulted Mullein last evening and called her an ugly plant. How mean is that??? I think she's beautiful and thats why I left her in the rear of the front garden rather than weeding her all out. Her fuzzy velvet grey green leaves and modest yellow flowers are pretty to me.
Nasty man.

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Aurora said...

Oh i can hardly wait to take there english program!!!!