Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Hangin' In.......

Feeling a bit better and been a tad productive. Hair appointments made, cat food bought, basement vacuumed and furniture Lysol-ed to get rid of that lived in smell (I'm outta Febreeze). I know its a chemically thing and I'm all anti-chemicals but I hate smelly furniture...if I can smell it then its smelly to others. Thats just gross. Its not like I can throw the sofa in the washer and yes I could sprinkle it with baking soda and vacuum it but thats just a whole 'nother mess so out came the Lysol. It works well. When Febreeze wouldn't remove the smell of pee from Cameron's matress, Lysol did. Hey, ya can't run out and buy a new matress because someone had an accident in the middle of the night. I usually have a pad in place under his sheet but I had forgotten to replace it when I changed his sheets.
Anyhoo, I crossed some stuff off my list and thats good. I have a load in the dryer and a sleeping bag in the washer. The boys' sleeping bags are done. The trailer is washed down and Lysol-ed to lose that musty tent smell from the mattresses and cushions and I stuck my Serenity stickers on the inside of the door. NOW what I REALLY need is a bumper sticker for it. heh heh heh
I got a cool t shirt at Tigre Geant..color wise its ho hum (burgundy with navy blue trim) and it says: "Hard work pays off in the long run....But LAZINESS pays off NOW!" Richard said it was the one that expressed me the best. huh. nice.
It'll go great with my new cargo shorts and my jeans.
Is it wrong that my fashion sense is somewhere between 8 yr old and man? LOVE cargo shorts..LOVE comfy shirts, LOVE sandals... I wish I was a man so I could go shirtless. and pee standing up. But then when I broke out the heels and pretties I'd get looked at funny. dang.

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