Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Feeling Odd

Is it guilt because I am having a torrid love affair with ice cream and its beginning to show most unbecomingly on my face and belly fatness? Is it the humidity? Is it my grass allergy and the antihistamines?
My brain is fairly foggy and I can't seem to get enough sleep or anything houseworky done. This morning, making lunches for the boys to take with them to day camp was a huge undertaking..serious brain fog. Multi tasking, which I tend to take for granted, has flown out the window. This seriously sucks. Richard and I had a list of chores for yesterday. Well, we shopped. Then I needed a nap. ????????? Whats up with that? I was even getting stuff! When do I ever STOP shopping and beg to go home when I am the recipient of pretties???
I have to leave here at 3 pm to go pick up Cameron and then Ben..I have the whole day. It still feels like I have NO TIME to be alone. I want to nap, read, nap...why am I so burnt out suddenly?
I think it might be the camping gear clutter getting to me. Much has been moved into the trailer but the dining room table is still unusable for all 4 of us to sit down. That and we never finished the wall papering. it looks great as is so we haven't rushed to do more.
To do: get cat food
make hair appointment for me
make appointment for Blossom
make sure Ben's soccer uniform is clean
Get more dirt
fill garden bed #2
Dig up flowers to give to Nathalie and make troom for Grape vine and Raspberries.


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