Thursday, July 27, 2006

All Hail The Great God "Blender"!

I finally got one of the offspring to try a smoothie. Why is this so hard?? they are very very suspicious of me when I try and get them to try something I made. I think this stems from times I snuck veggies into a favorite food with less success. Ben still says NO and runs the other way when I say "try this" but Cameron is more trusting...and eats like a horse so is less choosy.
But given that this is a house of popsicle maniacas that are sending us to the poorhouse with the expense, I will prevail. I bought 5 popsicle mold doohickeys.
Ingredients for the "popsicles" were juice and that frozen fruit you find in the freezer section of the grocery store. I made two varieties. one used canned frozen fruit punch and water with the fruit. The other has "exotic" fruit juice blend and the frozen fruit. The kids each had a fruit punch popsicle this morning after breakfast and declared them awesome.
This morning I offered up a smoothie and Cameron said yes. It was the popsicle recipe for the exotic juice and fruit. Soooo good. add some protein etc to the mix...mwahahahahahaha. ahem. Next time I will add some yogurt and honey. Tofu?


Hantra said...

oooh, you're positively evil ;> Me likey. Sweetie, I would love to get to know you better, and maybe even get together every once in a while.

Whaledancer said...

Heh hehe heh. Yes I am diabolical by times..and in such a sweet innocent looking package! It would be good for all us pagan momsies to get together for deeper bonding wouldn't it?

T. Scarlet said...

MMMmmmmmm Smoothies. I need a better blender. As to you two getting to know each other... try showing up together at one of the CMS rituals. You are both in CMS... and the Grad is coming up!