Monday, August 24, 2009

Vet visit # 2 for Cooper

We just got back from the vet's a little while ago. I gotta say I really like my veterinarian, Nathalie. A) she speaks ok English which is a BIG plus in dealing with me and B) she is sympathetic and C) she has great common sense.
She took Cooper's temperature and its still elevated (39.5 C this week)so either he is still suffering from an infection OR its the possible you-know-what. His eye is MUCH improved though in her opinion. No infection visible and he has it open wider than before. She is concerned about a cloudy membrane that seems to be coating some of the eye and gave me the number for the veterinary opthamologist for that. A test showed no signs of ulceration. His weight is still 7 pounds 3 oz, so he hasn't gained but he hasn't lost either. I was disapponted but still relieved. She does not find him to be underweight for his size so she isn't worried about his weight unless it drops. He was fairly sniffly today, signs of imflammation in his nasal passages (residual infection? simple rhino related inflammation?) so she asked me to continue his antibiotics for 5 days with whats left in the bottle and gave us anti inflammatories for 5 days as well. He is MOST unimpressed with this torture and has gone into pissed off hiding for now. He'll get over it when the AIs kick in and he has no pain or fever and feels good. We will go and see her in a week to take his temperature again.
While there, I discussed drugs, supplements, and diet with Dre. Nathalie. We will not use anything while he's still feverish for the time being. He is no worse and somewhat improved so we will stay the course. I did invest in some Medi-Cal "Development" kibble to mix in with our usual cat food in the hopes it will give him a boost, being a richer and higher calorie food for developing kittens which he kinda still is. The road to health is paved with good nutrition after all. I also got a couple of cans of the Preventative formula to tempt him (but if untempted the other cats will eat it). She found it odd he is unmoved by the wet food offerings. Quirky little bugger would rather suck on my hair? LOL
So there we have it...status quo in a good way!


grammy perkins said...

Glad to hear he is doing ok!!!! Good job !!!

Anonymous said...

Yay for Cooper!

Tara said...

You're really doing an excellent job of staying on top of all his issues. Way to go!