Saturday, August 22, 2009

Got the calll

The vet called yesterday about Cooper, enquiring after his health and then giving us the news. The test came back showing a high antibody count which means we can assume he's positive for PIF/FIP.
According to my readings the only way to truly diagnose this is post mortem. Blood tests can measure the antibody count associated with the virus and then the vet takes that information, along with the cats symptoms and health and makes an educated assumption/guess. Her guess is that he's got it but there are treatments to alleviate his discomfort and maybe prolong his life. Daily meds mainly.

I emailed the breeder to voice my displeasure at the situation and her replies are apologetic and somewhat disbelieving the diagnosis. She swears he can't have FIP and that he's still suffering from heat stress from the last two weeks of heat and humidity, and the rhinovirus he had (maybe it wasn't), and the move to a new home. She has offered to take him back and apologised for the expenses we've incurred and that she would never knowingly hand off an animal with an incurable disease. Her actions do speak for themselves in that her house cats are all disabled Ragdolls:blind, semi paralysed...she would rather see a cat rehabilitated than put down so her offer to take Cooper back is genuine but I wonder if he'd be better off with us with no dogs and fewer cats than the breeder's place. Compared to her home and the cattery our mad house is down right tranquil. Also, for all his hair sucking weirdo-ness, I like the little bugger.

Some cats DO recover after having been diagnosed but this is mainly because of misdiagnosis which is very possible. Some respond well to drug therapy and go into remission for months. Could Cooper recover? His appetite is very good even with how sick he is and he has not been dehydrated. Would a deathly ill cat eat and drink so normally? I have been trying to tempt his appetite as well with canned food but he is unimpresed and sticks to the kibble mostly. Harley and the girls appreciate his disinterest in all the dishes of temptings he rejects however! They will probably all get fat on his rejects. LOL In his favor is his undiminished appetite and the fact that when its cool at night he is much more lively and seems a bit recovered compared to last week. No more green snot, much less congestion, when its cooler he's less lethargic and a bit playful and cuddly....SIGH...So hard to tell...we shall see.

I will know more after I talk to the vet on Monday morning. She is going to re-examine him and we will discuss his options for wellness or at least relief of discomfort. We can re-do the blood test in a few months if he's well enough. It could tell us better news.


Brenda said...

Please do not let jocelyn fool you. She sold me a very sick cat, and now i am finding out about your cooper. I am very afraid for my little one beacuse he is related to cooper. Jocelyn seems so darn nice and she treated me the same way that she has treated you, but the truth and reality is she sold you a kitten and gave you a cat that she knew were very ill. All her cats have herpes and now come to find out they may have fip. I called her, emailed her, and told her her cats are infected yet she still choose to sell. That is NOT an ethical breeder. Please keep me informed. I am very afraid for my baby.

Ali P said...

Thank you for the insight Brenda. Its obvious that the rhinotracheitis is throughout the cattery but i was unaware of the impact it had on the eyes. Explains much about the cattery and her blind cat in the house. Have you considered reporting her to the SPCA?

Ali P said...

Also, I am unable to communicate with you because your blogger profile is locked.

Brenda said...

Can we talk. My number is 212-203-9647. Please this is so very important to me.

Anonymous said...

Cooper is where he needs to be now- I'm so glad he has you- even though this will be very hard on you. Hugs.

Tara said...

I hope you find a solution that will be in Cooper and everyone's best interest. As for the breeder, I'd investigate further on whether reporting her to the SPCA is justified. It DOES seem awfully fishy.