Saturday, August 15, 2009

Just blathering because I have noone to talk to

And who would want to listen to me blather? Sometimes we just need to pour out the brain, y'know? So since todays post is just emptying and reorganising my brain's clutter, you may want to skip it. The hamster wheel is spinning hard, baby.

YARN STUFF: I have decided I have too much yarn. I decided that a long time ago actually but yet I keep getting more. Its a bad habit this feeding the stash. I really need to knit the pile down but now its gotten overwhelming. That and I only have small amounts of most things and not enough for major projects. GRRRRR... Who needs this much sock yarn??? But its so pretty....and if anyone was to abscond with it I would be heart broken and very very mad. Its a territorial yarn thing...ITS MINE. Touche pas!!!!

The Rhinebeck additions from last year are haunting me, especially Ellie. Ellie is a silk/wool blend from Brooks Farm in Texas and is deliciously soft and makes for wonderful texture. I have come up with the idea of a top if I can find a yarn to knit the Ellie with inorder to give me enough yarn. I only have 800 yards of Ellie. I KNOW!! Stuopid stupid stupid.......why did I only buy two skeins???
So, my idea is to maybe alternate rows with another yarn and do the very top part with just Ellie. Or maybe just the front of the bodice rather than the whole. But I have top find a yarn first. If not then Ellie will be cushion covers or hat and scarf. :o(
I am sick to death of the projects I am dawdling on. I have no desire to keep on knitting garter stitch on the Einstein. WHAT WAS I THINKING??? I am way to ADD for that kind of commitment. Maybe I should just knit hats from now one. They are way quicker than socks due to larger gauge (usually).

I am much better at thinking about knitting than getting any actual knitting done. Especially in this heat. Have I mentioned the heat? Its a hot week. I was so hot I skipped knit night last night. For reals! Too Effin' Hot!!

CATS: I am getting attached to the newbies. It was just a matter of time befopre their fuzzy cuteness wore me down. Harley is incredible. He is gorgeous with a capital G. Those big blue eyes!!! Those markings!!! He has a lovely disposition just as the breeder told us. Simple adorable and when he's in the mood for some luvvin's the purr is something to hear. Last night he hopped up on the couch to get double pettings from Hman and myself, rolling over for belly scratchings as usual, paws working at the air, purr rumbling, eyes rolling back in ecstasy. He is a piece of work!

Cooper is still in patient mode. Last night he was limp from the heat. It was a little worrisome but given how sick he is and the heat, not unexpected. He was friskier this morning in the cool. I have been faithfully dosing him with his meds and putting eye drops in his bad eye. If anything the eye is a combination of better and worse? The weepiness seems to darker and crustier but his eye seems clearer. Is that possible? I need to whip up a new batch of boiled and salted water and bathe that craps away again. It was well bathed Thursday night and all cruddiness gone. Then I had done his drops and ointment. Since then I have just done drops to be less traumatic on him but today the eye area must be cleaned up.

I worry about the PIF test. I shouldn't get too attached to him incase it comes back positive. If it does come back positive I am going to be so pissed off.

MOM: Still no test results and her next specialists appointment isn't until the beginning of September. My handy brother showed up last night and mowed the folks' lawn with his big mower and trimmed their hedges. He returned this morning to fix their toilet. The seal had broken apparently and was causing a leak. I will be so glad when I can be there a couple times a week or more to help take care of things like the laundry and helping with the cooking and house keeping. Its just beyond them now though Dad did vacuum the other day. That said, I don't even want to do my own house scrubbing! And truly some of my walls could use it (damn kids). We won't discuss those windows that I haven't scrubbed yet (my bedroom, Ben's bedroom, morning room, kitchen. For the morning room and kitchen I need a ladder to get at the outside filth. That and some bushes trimmed. It will get done before the snow flies though!!!
The folks' house though...omgs...they are chain smokers and the house is stained with the cigarette smoke and reeks of it. Its one thing to go in and scrub but they have to not smoke while I am there and I don't know if they can do that. I really cannot tolerate the smoke, it makes me gag now. When did cigarettes get so STINKY?? I don't remember them being so effing stinky when I was younger...I mean yeah they smelled like cigarettes and that didn't smell good really but now they STINK! To think I smelled like that going to high school because my parents smoked so much in the house. ICK.
And once the scrubbing and freshening is done, its just gonna fill up with smoke again. Like its done before.

MOVING BACK: I am so excited but at the same time worried and sad. I have made some wonderful friends here and it will be hard to leave them behind. If we have to leave Hman here too it will be hard on us all, him being without us and me being a semi-single parent and the kids not having Daddy around all the time. YET, many families are divided due to work etc and they make out just fine and I am sure that we will pull through ok.
I am excited to be back amongst my people again. My family especially. I will also be excited to get a job too! And we are still discussing the maybe's of my having a yarn shop. How does one do market research on yarn shopping? How do I determine if the area can/will support a LYS of its very own. And I have visions of a wonderful shop that caters not just to knitters and crochetters but also some spinning and maybe some weaving too. Thats extremely expensive though and would have to come later . Or maybe I'd win the lottery. I mean, it is still a dream right?
So, moving back home is fraught with nerves and its a year away. Its going to be and interesting year!


Terri-Lynn said...

Poor Kitty. He's lucky to get your special attention.

Anonymous said...

Wow- you had alot of thoughts in there...

Keep us posted on Cooper.

Sounds like we need tons of yarn store brainstorming.

Tara said...

Don't apologize, we've all had bouts of hampster brain. That's what a blog - and friends! - are for.

Brian said...

You're moving to NS? What's up with that? The school lists got to you? For your Mom?