Sunday, August 09, 2009

Cat Chat

Well, we drove to the Joymagic Ragdolls cattery yesterday to check out this kitten that the breeder Jocelyn had recommended to heal our broken hearts. As usual, Harmony (4 or 5 yr old breeding female) latched on to Hman and also another lady named Betty proved to be her equal in the "lovin's" department. They were hilarious and we wish we could have walked out with them in tow so that we could have them pushing each other out of our laps for years to come.
We met the 6 month old seal lynx mitted male that was going by the name Pirate in the cattery and he was everything she said he was. Busy, friendly, affectionate, funny, and charming. His eyes are more of a sky blue than saphire and he is not very shy at all. We have renamed him Harley for the quality of his motorcycle like purr and easy rider personality, not to mention his scarred eye that lends him an air of 'danger'. LOL He has already captured Hman's attention's and admiration by demanding attention and readily flopping over on his back for belly rubs and air pawing.

Also on offer for our perusal was a damaged lilac bicolour male. He had no name. He is 11 months old and at some point had surgery on his left eye due to a membrane that wouldn't retract (I think thats what it was). As a result he has a weepy less than perfect eye that has kept all clients from adopting him. He is skittish and shy but not a complete loss. When I held him in my arms he was quite calm and accepting, if not thrilled by the experience. I felt sorry for him and since she offered him to us free of charge, because she trusted that in our home he would be cherished rather than just be a house cat, I couldn't leave him behind. Its my theory that he may come into his own in a home with affection and constant care. He's much more aloof than Harley and I likened him to the strong silent type so we named him Cooper after Gary Cooper. His good eye is an intense blue but not prominent like many Rags, smaller and more deeply set. His eye is a nasty mess for now but I bathed it in boild water with salt added and applied antibiotic drops and ointment last night. He had a sniffly way about him so Jocelyn sent him home with oral antibiotics too. It is my hope that his eye will get better than it currently is and that the discolouration of the fur around it from the weeping will fade. he has warmed up a bit, exploring the house more and actually coming to Hman and I on separate occassions for some pettings. He even jumped up on the sofa next to me ON PURPOSE for petting. He has adopted the basket with the antique red wool horse blanket that was Blossom's bed in the living room out of the 5 baskets on offer.

Last night, when I mosied for my middle of the night peepee, in slunk two kitty ghosts. then they followed me to the bedroom, exploring and making noise. Later a purry fluffy mass climbed into the bed for some snuggles and I am assuming it was Harley due to the purr. Cooper did purr today durring our sofa session, so I now know he is capable.

So there we have it. We got a twofer "deal" and now the house will be cat hairier than ever. Although thanks to Teri Lynn, wonderneice, I have a FurBuster now. I just need to get them to appreciate the joys of being brushed and groomed.

Pictures when I can get them to stay still long enough for for the capture to work. Its amazing how fast they move between the click and the capture!


Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

You lucky kitteh owners! Looking forward to pictures!

Tara said...

Two kittens! I'll make sure to be doubly anesthetized when I go over to your house :)

puffthemagicrabbit said...

Sounds like Cooper is right where he needs to be! Congrats!

Brenda said...

I dont want to shatter your happiness, but please please please take your kittens to the vet asap. That weepy eye, and the congestion that your kitty has is Herpes. They need more than the antibiotics the breeder sent you home with. That is not an injured eye, it is scareing from this horrible disease that your kittens will live with for the rest of their lives. do research. CALL A VET ASAP