Wednesday, August 05, 2009

In other stories..........

Our trip home to NS was not precisely disappointing but it wasn't a funfest either. There are pluses and minuses to being on the coast. the pluses are beaches and beauty but the minuses are rain and fog. When you are camping rain and fog suck. Everything was damp and smelly eventually (10 minutes in?) and the grown ups kept getting irritated with the discomfort. Luckily to get cleaner and drier I have a sister near by. THANK GODS! Plus she has TV.
Our one beach trip consisted of trying Lawrencetown (too rocky) and Martinique. We spent about two hours on Martinique and even though it was a foggy cloudy day I eneded up with a sunburn on my face. Nothing says white like a sunburn in the fog. Cameron was our little surfer dude with his wetsuit and boogeyboard. He was in the water almost constantly. It was awesome. The surfers at the other end of the beach were entertaining to watch as well. Ben was unimpressed with Martinique. He refused to don his wetsuit and try the waves, preferring to futilely search for beach glass (3 pieces).
WE found the perfect beach for us just 15 minutes from my sister's home (Rainbow Haven) and not once did we get to swim there. It pissed us off to no end. Rainbow Haven is one of those best kept secrets of NS. Even though its a provincially maintained beach it gets almost no press or placement on maps. Its beautiful, lightly wavey when we were there, with snorkelling opportunities. Plus the water was not ice cold.
We did swim at Caribou after a visit to my parents which was far too brief and consisted of idle chit chat and taking them to their doctors appointment. My mom is not well at all and the doctor's tests are slow in happening and sometimes inconclusive.
The BEST day we had was Wednesday. It was warm and sunny! Hman and Thing One went golfing with my wonderful visiting from Calgary nephew who we all miss, and I got to hang out with my neice and her BFF, THE Deb Barnhill. Thing Two spent the day with my grand neices and their dad. he really enjoys his cousins when we go home.

Unfortunately the glory of the day was marred by the fact that I accidentally stood up my darling Barbara and that we were so late returning to the city that my family could not go to the beach before my sister's soiree. I was so in the dog house Wednesday. I had to fondle my new yarn a lot to help me through. And my beautiful diagonal rib (Ann Budd pattern)socks made with Paton's Kroy that Teri Lynn made for me. I love my neice.

Thursday saw more rain and fog and a trip to the movie theater so the boys and our darling Heather (my oldest friend's daughter) could take in G-Force in 3D. This gave Hman and I a whole 1 1/2 hours of childleesness. We went to Boston Pizza and Canadian Tire and then I had him drop me off at Michael's craft store to peruse the yarn while he gathered the young 'uns. I got two colourways of Kroy. Its very soft and pretty sock yarn and not badly priced as sock yarns go.

We decided we were DONE. No more wet dismal camping. Friday saw us leaving NS with tears in my eyes at leaving my family and the ocean behind AGAIN. We stayed at Fredericton's new Best Western and it was heavenly. Arrived Saturday evening at Vacartier's camping area for a Sunday of waterpark fun. We left early to arrive home Sunday night instead of Monday because the camping park is cramped (but the amenities are great)and guess what? It started to rain AGAIN.

The rest you know...arriving home to an ailing Newman.


Friday as we drove through NS with my sadness, Hman developed an idea. Something tells me he had been ruminating on it for awhile because it sounded a little too thought out to be spontaneous. At first I resisted it. Yet, he made a compelling argument that played on my worries for my mom and how much I miss my family. Thus a decision was made that the kids and I would move back to NS next summer, with Hman joing us as often as he could. He has a plan for that too. Plus I will be holding Lunasea hostage which will at least bring him east in sailing weather. ;o)

Maybe I will get to have a yarn shop in the future.....?


kate-the-enabler said...

Sounds like Hman is again showing what a stand-up guy he is, coming up with a plan that'll make y'all happy. I'm glad for you - but bummed at the thought of not having all the time in the world to get to know you better.
Maybe a Rhinebeck meetup at some point - and shopping at your yarn shop when I visit my fam. in PEI?

Tara said...

What she said! :)

Sam said...

Gee - we will have to see you twice a week in the next few months if we want to stock on your sense of humour for years to come.. I am glad for you but sad for us... your joyful spirit will be missed..