Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cooper talk and knit natter

After discussing Cooper with my superneice, the former veterinarian (though really, once you have your DVM are you ever NOT a vet anymore even though you prefer teaching to sticking your arm up a cows arse at 3 am in January? Really?) I am less frantic about Cooper. YES he did test positive for the antibodies associated with Coronavirus (causes FIP) but not every cat that catches the Coronavirus gets FIP. Sort of like every person who catches Chicken Pox doesn't get Shingles, see what I mean? He might be a lucky boy that doesn't actually have FIP and was fighting off an infection or a bout of that frakking Rhinotracheitis. Only time will tell.
Last night he was almost perky! He chased Harley a short distance and actually came up and slept with the Hman and I part of the night, snuggling close at one point into the underarm area (we both woke up at different times to find that he was there in the arm pit so he switched pits through the night...LOL) though originally he was at our feet. We haven't had a bed cat since Monkey...or maybe Freckles? Best bed cat ever was Eliot...that was a snuggly cat lemme tell you...but I digress.
Today he has looked for some mischief and napped, followed me around, interfered with typing and gotten lots of snuggles when he's willing. He is still eating well, as I have mentioned before. I will be cleaning that eye area again today (did it last night). Its no worse than before but he just looks so much nicer when its clean BUT he is fighting me off more vigorously. Thats a good sign, eh?

I am looking forward to the vet visit tomorrow. I think she will see some improvement in our boy. Lets all hope he's put on an ounce or two and that his fever is gone. That would be a great sign, eh??? Supahneice also reassured me that the usual drugs used in treatment (steroids and maybe Prednizone)are not astronomically priced so that also a relief.

Hippy that I am, I am also interested in what my commenter has said about diet and holistic therapies like Lysine and a raw food diet. I am nervous of making cat food incase I cannot create a food that is nutritionally balanced enough, although I hear great anecdotal evidence promoting it. A website I saw gave some recommended vitamin support information for cats suspected of having FIP and I will be bringing all of these questions to the vet tomorrow.

The other day I casted on yet another project...I just get so bored sometimes and need to start something new and enjoyable. Using my Brooks Farm Ellie I am attempting a shrug. Did I mention this already? Can I just say I LOVE this yarn in a stockingette fabric. Its shows off the slubby texture so well! I loaded an audio book onto my iPod so I have something to keep me in my chair.

I have TOO MANY TOMATOES. Need to try a salsa recipe today. Thats my cue to get back to the kitchen!!


kate-the-enabler said...

I'm really excited to hear of Coopers improvements, and that there seem to be lots of possibilities for treatment (and for diagnosis, for that matter).
Looking forward to seeing the many knitting projects 'soon' :)

puffthemagicrabbit said...

Sounds like you're armed with all the right info- can't wait to hear the outcome.

Ah, if only you could send some of those tomatoes my way...

Ali P said...

I wish i could Mindy! I have way too many for now...not in the canning mood at the moment but maybe I'll just wash 'em and toss them in the freezer in bags!

Tara said...

Too many tomatoes? No such thing.