Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Finally; The newcomers Harley and Cooper

They don't stay still very well when the camera comes out so I have a lot of blurry shots of tails and asses and disappearing around furniture. Cooper seems to have forgiven me for his bath and is much less stanky. He reeked, seriously.

They are less nervous and eager for attention in the morning when we get up, especially Harley. he is overjoyed to see us in the morning.
Last night however was what I feel is the biggest breakthrough in getting closer to one another. Cooper got up on the big blue sofa with me for cuddles and his usual weird nuzzling and then settled into the crook of my arm like a bay and went to sleep cuddled between arm and body. it was heart warming. Then afterwards he folloed me from room to room and up to bed. When Hman came to bed later he didn't see Cooper curled up beside me asleep on the light coloured sheets (it was dark) and partially laid on him. Coop spent most of the night sleeping between us with the occassional hair sucking, nightgown licking nuzzle fest which I tried to discourage. I'd say we are bonding, non?

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