Sunday, August 09, 2009

Just remembered

I realised I haven't mentioned the weight thing , food issues, positive thinking stuffs lately.
I have ups and downs on the NO STARCHES edict I put on myself. Lets face it, bread is really fucking good as is rice and pasta and ohmygods potatoes how I LOVE potatoes. That said I did have some of my forbiddens on vacation.
However I came home from vacation to find I had managed to hit the 8 pounds off mark. Two more pounds to my ten pounds by Labour Day goal.

Now explain this to me my darlings in cyberland. Why is it that when I get close to the goal, or achieve some success, that I immediately desire the forbidden foods in an almost addict like way. I have been eating so healthily for the last 6 weeks (except for the ice cream binges in NS...BUT COME ON! Scotsburn makes the best ice cream I have ever tasted and I can't eat it/buy it here!) and you know I am feeling pretty pleased with my progress. I still eat too much at night but the eating is mostly fruits and veggies, some almonds, or some yogurt. I do love me my yogurt...its like dessert thats good for you!!

So my desire for the forbiddens is way high these last couple of days. It could be withdrawals from having some breads and stuffs over vacation. Maybe thats it and not self sabotage? I hope so. Withdrawal I can do (kinda) but self sabotage is just so sad.

Lets recap shall we? Just because it makes me happy to see the numbers..
6 weeks ago: 214 lbs. 2 days ago: 205.7 (lets call it 206)lbs. Yay me! But my undies is still tight. :o(

ALSO, I got inspired by Crazy Aunt Purl aka Laurie and wrote her an email thanking her for her leafless salad ideas. I am a tad tired of the leafy greens I do admit. For the first time ever, she responded to an email from me. SQUEE! Ok...this may sound real lame to you but for me it was a happy geeked out moment. She gets ALOT of email from her readers.

Now if only emails were like real letters and I could frame it.... ;OP

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Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Wow! You got personal email from the crazy cat lady? That is so a real letter of the 21st century. Go ahead. Print it. Frame it.