Thursday, August 06, 2009


Last night I attended knit night in NDG and got to fondle and drool over the St.Denis yarn company's support magazine (available at LYS that carry St. Denis yarn). When i open my still imaginary yarn shop some years in the futuire I am totally stocking this yarn. Not just because it is the brain child of my friend Veronik Avery, supah stah knit designer, but because it is truly a very fine yarn. The magazine is magnificent. The sizing of garments is for many sizes INCLUDING MINE!! Gasp! Shock and awe abound! Some go EVEN LARGER and are still stylish not frumpy. Y'all know my issues with the frumpy big girl fashions...grrrrr. Just because a woman is larger than the fashionista norm does not mean she wants to have her beauty hidden under a tent of fabric. Most big girls look best with a figure skimming look (do not read that as skin tight clothes...thats nasty) just like any other figure type does. This magazine and, in particular Oona's Hoodie, makes me very happy. Check out the whole collection on Ravelry and prepare to drooooool. By the way, Customs, y'll are dickwads for holding YARN at the frikkin' border. What is wrong with you people!? Although my husband may think it should be listed as a controlled substance at the rate I sniff and fondle it...

Demand this yarn and its magazine at your local yarn shop. The colours are to die for.

Also last night I FINALLY cast off the first sleeve of a certain garment that I cannot describe here because its intended recipient visits. As soon as its gifted you will know all. I thought it would never end! Now for sleeve two, seaming, finishing work... Its actually a very fun wlittle knit and I look forward to making another in the future (I have the yarn already ). I finally feel like I am making some progress in my projects. the Einstein coat/jacket is a never ending piece of garter stitch that feel like it will never end no matter how long I knit. At a nice big gauge I really thought it would go faster. My sister's Xmas gift has only been mildly worked on because it has lots of time.

As for other Xmas gifts....I was toying with the idea of little dresses for two girlies and maybe arm warmers for the older ones but now I am smitten with the valentine cabled hat in the current Knitscene. Its so cuuuuute!

The Fall Interweave Knits looks like its going to be a big winner. I have seen some of the pictures on Ravelry and they have set me to feeling covetous. Likewise the Vogue Knitting this Fall. Autumn issues are ALWAYS the best!!!

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Tara said...

You know, I'm not really feeling it for the Fall IK. Maybe there's something wrong with me?