Monday, June 08, 2009

Why Audrey Is The Devil and other notes.....

An example of a Modular Tomten jacket with hood.
My friend and enabler Audrey is wonderful. She is smart, funny, an amazing knitter, and she loans me stuff. She also is THE DEVIL.
I have been trying not to buy yarn and have done a fabulous job of not buying yarn. All things on the needles are from stash or are UFO's that need finishing up at some point. Today, I broke down.
Audrey sweetly called to let me know that she was placing a yarn order and did I want to add to it...GULP. First I said no...then I said maybe...then I was running for my colour cards for this brand and asking for 3 of Rosewood and one of Greystone and another one of Mixed Green for a sweater I was envisioning for my sister's friend's baby girl....then I said WAIT! Let me think on this.
Then...and here is the beauty part...(she's soooo GOOD!)...she gently commented that her choice of colours for the project I had in mind were Rosewood, Oatmeal, and Ecru.
It was magic..I put the strands of colour together and the saliva started to flow. Its a delicious classy feminine combination that works for a female of any age. So I ordered 5 skeins of Tuffy (3 Rosewood, 1 Oatmeal, 1 Ecru) so that I can make a striped tomten sweater at some point soon, to fit baby Viola. I already have the most perfect buttons in my button stash.
So much for the yarn diet BUT its not expensive.
I am now listening to book 1 of The Dresden Files series. Its VERY well read. I got a couple inches done on the banner block I am working on.
I have turned my thoughts to Christmas knitting and already the anxiety is making me hyper ventilate. I may need to keep that on the "maybe si, maybe no" level. If gifts manage to get themselves made, great. I have things I want to make for ME for a change and even though its only June, I am a slow poke and procrastinator. I DO want to make my Da socks. Thats a definite and I have the perfect yarn in my stash. Thats the only definite I have.
This Thursday is the wedding anniversary of myself and my man. 15 years of wedded...whatever. HAHAHAHA. I laugh because its sad.... Oh stop! You know I kid. Tonight we went out for a walk after supper (thats another story on how my kids are big snitches) and admired the neighborhood and caught up on each other's business. Turns out on the night we are to go see Chicago at Place des Arts(our anniversary present)his Dad is going to be sleeping over because they are heading out the next morning for their fishing trip. That means he will be away and I will have the choices of hiring a sitter for WWKIP day or taking the boys with me.
This Thursday, the day of our big event we are gonna play hooky for the adfternoon and go see Terminator Salvation. Because nothing says love like murderous robots of the future!!!
Now, for my snitchy offspring: I do not have the best barbecue reputation in this house. Sometimes I hit and sometimes I realy really miss (like last years charcoal chicken). Tonight i decided once again to barbecue chicken, and set some to marinating. I watched that BBQ like a hawk. A slightly distracted hawk. I had the burners down to the lowest settings. I watched the smoke level coming out from under the lid. The next thing I knew there was flames coming out from the back of the lids and when i ran to the bbq the temperature said 800 degrees inside. WTF???! Fearing an explosion but wanting to rescue dinner, I opened the lid, flipped off the burners, and grabbed the tongs to pull the flaming parts out of the fire caused by the stupid chicken fat on the burner below the grill. Luckily it was only the skin that was burned (unlike last years charcoal chicken) and the potatoes in foil were not harmed at all...maybe even improved!
The kids and I ate supper (skinless chicken etc)and when Hman got home the first words out of Ben's mouth were "Mommy burned supper again and the barbeque was 800 degrees and the chicken caught fire but its still good!!!" Then he turns to me and asks "Is it ok that I told Dady about the chicken and the barbecue? I just really wanted to tell him because it was exciting." (at theis point I am rolling my eyes at him and reassuring Hman that the bbq is fine...jeez everyone gets so worked up).
I really must discuss with the children the concept of Need To Know. As in "Daddy doesn't need to know........"


Tara said...

Enablers are evil, it's in their nature. They're also the best friends a girl can have :) Hey! Aren't you seeing MY Enabler today?

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Gotta love kids and their big mouths, eh? I have yet to live down a certain shortbread cookie incident from, oh, 12 years ago.

Anonymous said...

If I'm the devil... does this mean there's yarn in hell? I'd bet it's all acrylic though, nothing like the fine stuff we're getting in a few days ;-) I'm sorry I made you fall off the wagon, but as I recall, you whipped that color card out pretty fast! ;-)

Hmmm, BBQ chicken!