Monday, June 22, 2009


I had an odd conversation this morning. A dear friend called and began to question me upon my sleep habits. It boiled down to my snoring issues. She was worried that it was a symptom of something more serious etc. Also, she knew I was planning on rooming with two friends this October while at Rhinebeck and she wanted to let me know that she didn't think this was a good idea. She had roomed with me last year, you see, and even with the foam earplugs I supplied, my snoring was freakishly loud and made it next to impossible for her to sleep. She never said anything because, well, why bother? Whats done is done but now she feels I will keep my roomates awake all night. That would not be a good thing.
Now, I KNOW I snore loud. It gets comments and teasing amongst family and friends...those who have witnessed it. It has always been so even when I was thinner but I do think that my weight gain has not improved the situation and has made it much worse. Since I mostly sleep through it, how am I to know that I snore SO loudly, right?
I'm a freak of sleeping nature apparently and should NOT be roomed with! Beware! I wonder how my poor husband can stand it? i know some nights he has to resort to the sofa, but then again, so do I. We just take it as the price we pay being together in a bed.
Jesus, I hope I don't fart an uncommon amount in my sleep as well because then I am seriously nasty business. I didn't think to ask because I was reassuring her that I wasn't upset with her and my mind was reeling with "How do I tell my roomates that I shouldn't room with them for their own good?"
All in all this sucks big time because I was really excited about the trip. Now? Not so much.
Also on the suckage front: The project that I casted on Friday night? Its bben ripped out completely twice and not to be tried again. SERIOUSLY!! I tried the BSJ (baby surprise jacket)in 2007 and screwed it up badly several times and finally gave it up. Now I have a friend expecting a little baby girl in September and I thought to use the leftovers from my Mom's sweater to make a sweet stripey BSJ. How can suck a "simple" piece of garter stitch knitting be so hard???? The first rip was my own fault...I forgot to knit the even numbered rows and instead performed the decreases on them as well. The second fuck up, I have NO IDEA how it happened. There are two short sections at either end of the whole that are marked with stitch markers...each section begings as 35 stitches. Withe the decreases they get shorter...then after so many rows you add 9 stitches to both sections. easy peasy...except somehow one section became about 13 stitches too many after the increases.
WTF? There weren't 13 extra stitches in the beginning! Where did they come from? WHY IS THIS EFFING THING SO HARD!!!!??????
I'm sorry, Kate. I was so excited to surprise you later this summer with a sweet but not TOO girly BSJ. It just ain't gonna happen.
Lets see, what else is going on here ...?
Hman's fishing trip with his dad was a great success and they came home with leftover beer because the other guys brought so much with them. They all caught their daily quotas of trout and his dad raved about the pourvoirie they stayed at. their cabin had 3 bedrooms each with their own bathroom! meals were flexible...if you didn't want to stop fishing in order to make it to the meal, they would serve you when you were ready! thats a big plus. the food was also better than last years he said. And the fish were BITING! We now have several trout in our freezer. Yay!
Today we took his SUV rental back and on the way home we stopped at the Marche 440 for a flat of local strawberries. OH MY GOD they are good. Fresh picked today and delivered not long before we'd arrived. They aren't too bland from the abundant rains we had...very juicy and still tasty. Shiny and bright red. Beautiful.
Then we hit the Grande Marche because they always have excellent prices on meats thought their fruits and vegetables are not so nice. For those I will go to the Fruiterie 440 later.
Strawberries to eat and the freezer filled with meat for several meals. A good day.


Sam said...

Ha... I snore like a truck.. however Benoit does not hear a thing.. not my daughter unfortunately who sleeps next door and can't sleep. Lucky me !
When at work at one point, a colleague and I used to go to Toronto and shared a room. The first time, we had a couple of drings went to sleep, left her some earplugs: everything was fine. The following year, she was pregnant, did not drink. An hour after we went to bed, I heard her (I have very light sleep) waking and calling the front desk to get another room as she could not sleep !!! It's a fact: I can't sleep with anyone..

Tara said...

When are we going to the Marche 440 together for our preserve making session, sweetie?

Suldog said...

I snore like an asthmatic lion. I find that two things help: Breathe-Rights and nasal spray. Put a Breathe-Right on before going to bed, and pump some nasal spray (it should contain oxymetazoline hydrochloride.) Careful with the spray as it's addicting. There's a bounceback effect that makes you feel the need to keep taking it. However, if you limit your use to nighttime, that me be no problem.

Terri-Lynn said...

When I'm super tired I snore "like a pig in heat" -an old room mates words, and once I am asleep I don't hear DH at all who sounds like "monsters" says the kids who sleep over. lol. Whatever.

Anonymous said...

Ha- we've got your number! We've figured we just go to sleep first- then we're out- problem solved.

Seriously, please don't worry about it. It's only a few nights, and if we have to, we'll stick you out on the deck...

(obviously, simple knitting is too trying for you, you must stick to more complicated stuff)

Ali P said...

Thanks everyone. I feel better. Jim I am totally trying your nasal spray and Breathe Right combo for that weekend at least. The husband does find that the breathe Rights lower my severity a bit.
To PuffTheMagicRabbit/Mindy and Veronik: Thanks guys for deciding that I am worth the risk of a sleepless night or two. Hugs.

Anonymous said...

It's gonna be fun- and if you keep us up, just think of all the extra knitting we'll get done (of course, there's no promise we won't paint your toenails grisly colors...)

I can't wait!