Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wacky Wednesday.....

We are no exactlyish 1.5 days away from the end of our school year. I both dread and enjoy the summer vacations. No more alarm clock makes me VERY happy. Constant refrains about being bored and having nothing fun to do do not make me happy at all and I hear my mother's words coming from my own mouth every year. UGH. How awful.
Today Hman had to rent an SUV for his business fishing trip(he leaves tomorrow morning with his Dad in tow) so we had to go all the way to the friggin' airport. On the way back we got the first big feed of local STRAWBERRIES!!!! Nom nom nom... I also picked up some pepper plants since mine are both teensy and only 3 in number. Now I have 11 all together. Or 15. I forget how many I got (8 or 12???). Here's hoping I get some actual peppers from these babies.
I also invested in 4 English cucumber plants. My seeds did dick all so I had to break down.
Seedswise, I rebought and will replant the beets and beans. I think I had some sort of bad beans karma this year. Last year it was the peas that failed. The seeds sprouted..oh yes they did...but those that actually got leaves had them disintegrate or be eaten, leaving only the veins OR never got beyond that initial sprout OR completely lost their tops. This leads me to believe my culprits are birds, cutworms, and slugs. I'm NOT replanting the second patch of carrots. I had the sprouts going great and then they were gone. Instead I am going to try a few edamame seeds. Tomatoes, onions, lettuce, mesclun, first carrots, and spinach are all doing fine. The snow peas got their first blossoms today. Purple ones!
Here's a new mystery. Something dug a hole the size of my fist in the garlic patch. Not a cat because they don't tend to dig this deep. Hman has made my compost area unsightly with wood scraps and bricks etc because "something" was trying to dig in under the new composter. Something big and good at digging he says by the looks of the holes. Skunk? Racoon? Ground hog? Zoiks.
Tonight we are going to use our anniversary gift: tickets to see "Chicago". My black and off white dress is washed and ironed and ready for me. Isabelle comes at 5 pm to baby sit and I will be getting the boys and she KFC for supper.
I got my Briggs and Little order from the Devil known as Audrey and since fondling her swatch made of Regal I am smitten. Its a nice sweater yarn I must say. Softer than I expected. Now I want some. STAT.
On Saturday I went to Effiloche for Ginette's WWKIP day. I was so smart...I brought a jug of homemade sangria and my iPod with my wee portable stereo so we could have music. Yet, I did not remember to throw an extra ball of yarn into my bag and promptly ran out while working on my Einstein jacket. Boo Hisss. There was nothing to do but go into the shop, find something to suit the needles I had extra, and start a new project from my Xmas list. I can't say any more than its fabulous because the recipient comes here. Lets just say she will be lucky if I part with it.
This weekend for the Montreal Knits World Wide Knint In Public day, I won't be such a stunned arse.

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Suldog said...

I never understood how anyone could be bored on summer vacation. School, yes. Vacation, no.