Friday, June 12, 2009


Its a fidgety kind of day. There are things that should be done and things that need to be done and then there are the things I will do. A little of each. Where to start? With the Washing machine. Laundry has suddenly multiplied in size of the pile which leads me to wonder where the hell it was all hiding before Hman found it and dragged it downstairs BECAUSE I know he didn't empty the bathroom hamper...its still full.
Tonight is knit night at Effiloche and I AM GOING. Wednesday's knit night as a fail since I was the only one signed in as a definite so I stayed home to be with myself in comfort. I think i am hitting a 3 week or even month mark of not getting out and its making me cranky.
ON the other hand...Effiloche is also having their WWKIP day tomorrow and I am planning on going for that TOO. Maybe thats too much all at once. Hman will deliver me to Effiloche and then retrieve me in time to go to someone's house for dinner where I will have to be on my good behaviour and not know what to talk about. Dinner with near strangers is always SO much fun.
Then we have Sunday...this Sunday holds a bone of contention for this family. Thing 2 is mightly desirous of participating in a Chaotic tournament (sorta like Pokemon but NOT ) in Montreal. It costs 25$. Hmn has said no...I have dithered. On the one hand, its in line with the kids interests unlike most other things we make him do. I checked and found out that its actually aimed at kids, not 20 something geeks with no life so he may actually have some fun and not lose all his cards. The registration fee entitles the players to all kinds of new cards etc so he is looking at it with an acquisitive bent as well.
On the other hand its a geeky thing thats going to cost 25$ and I will have to be the one to get out of bed early on a Sunday morning to haul his butt into the city and wait around for him to be finished.
Do it and be the best mommy ever for the day....don't do it and be the worst mommy ever and have it thrown in my face everytime we say no to something (we say no A LOT).
I am thinking that he needs to have this one time opportunity to try a walk on the geekside.
Much fidgetyness....much much much...I need more coffee.

PS: Terminator Salvation was kinda cool but too much jiggly camera stuff. Why does everyone do that now? eyes!


Tara said...

I haven't been out for a knit night in... um... what month is this?

Anonymous said...

Think of all the knitting you could get done while you're waiting for him...