Wednesday, June 03, 2009

What is that bright glowing orb in the sky???!

Nope, not an alien ship come to take me away. It is the SUN!! Gasp! Shock! Awe!!!
Not only this but It is scheduled to hang around a few days and dry things up a wee bit. Sweet.
Its been a particularly chill and damp May. Just like last year things heated up marvelously in April! Woohoo garden garden garden. Then...the mercury dips and the clouds hang around and sweaters are NOT packed away for the season. I've even had to resort to putting on socks and turning up the basement thermostats, cuz baby its cold down here. When the temperature is warmer outside than in, I open the windows instead.
My dear friend Audrey popped in for a quickie visit yesterday because I wanted to show off the changes in my garden. She hasn't been over for a couple of weeks or so and there were many things a'bloomin'. She scolded me to take pictures but the camera is dead and I know not where the charger is! Those irises next to the baptisia need a photo, even though I know I cannot do them justice.
Here is a wee garden mystery: Something stole my dill seedlings. they did not die because then there would be wee dilly corpses but they are vanished completely without a trace. Very weird. There were 5 out there in the herb bed that I had carefully uprooted and replanted when I redid the bed. Now there are none. :o( Since I am toying with the idea of basil with my tomatoes, I can buy some new plants at the Pepiniere Quebec or Pepinere Mascouche, where I prefer to do my garden shoppings (rather than Canadian Tire, Home Depot local indies!!!).
I have created a very cavemanesque greenhouse enclosure for the peppers. the poor things...I started the seeds too late and actually had not planned for peppers. My Barb in NS had been to Poland this winter visiting her family there and came home with a pile of pepper seeds from her Aunt Henia's own peppers. When she sent some to ME (thank you to infinity, Basia!!) I dutifully started some but its was kinda late. As a result, my plants are quite wee BUT are hardened off and in the garden now. I thought that since they are lovers of heat, and we don't yet have any, I would stick bamboo hoop supports into the ground aront them and then drape the whole section in plastic vapor barrier. Its all held together with staples! LOL I really should invest in a proper staple gun but my desk stapler in the guise of a frog did an adequate job. Now when the sun shines I have to pull open large gaps in my "greenhouse" to ventilate the poor dears but they seem VERY happy already. I think this may make up for lost time.
KNITTING: Momma got her sweater in the mail last Friday and is VERY happy with it. she has done what all knitters do...turned it inside out to examine it closely from all angles and declares it perfect. She had never heard of steeking (cutting a knit garment for armholes or cardigan conversion) and considers it one of those newfangled things us kids today know about (its quite and ancient technique but in her knitting era practically every pattern was knit in pieces and sewn together, where as I prefer knitting in the round to avoid purling and sewing). I am so happy that it pleases her and it fits!! Glory be it fits!!!! Not too big and not too small. She finds the wool surprisingly soft (its very cuddly I must say) and cannot wait to show it off to my Aunt Viola.
I have ceased work on Einstein in order to produce an 8 inch by 8 inch square for the Montreal Knits banner to be unveiled on WWKIP day (world wide knit in public day). I have about an inch done but now I am wondering if it was supposed to be done in stockingnette stitch for ease of embroidering our name on it? Need to call our coordinatrice Janet to find out. I am using a green acrylic I had in my stash. its a lovely colour actually and nicely soft but very fine so I am knitting it with two strands.
The urge to knit baby things is still upon me. Also I have started planning xmas knitting. Dad is maybe getting socks (SHHHH don't tell)since the hat and mittens were such a hit and I have the perfect Dad Socks yarn in stash (an Opal 6 ply in shades of grey, blue and cream). I was thinking on another set of hand warmers for chilly Mom, but fancier than last time. Maybe a pair of "Fetching" ? Or maybe something else. I dunno. I have some superwash set aside for such a project.
For my dear neice's whom I LOVE to knit for because I can make girly stuffs, I am thinking on arm warmers/sleeves. Not sure yet. Or slippers... but sleeves/armwarmers are trendier. Or leg warmers? They range from ages 6 to 11 years old. Last year they each got Instant Mittens because they are fast and mittens are always welcome in winter.
Any suggestings knitterverse?


Sam said...

Not sure what you have in mind but if you combine sale and good books, there was a pair of nice leg warmers in one of the Cornelia Hamilton Noro #2... and a Sursa (check it out on Ravelry)

Suldog said...

Hmmmmmm. What animals eat dill? Good mystery!

Suldog said...

Maybe it was a pack of evil pickle merchants!

Ali P said...


Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Suldog, too funny!
Fabulous idea for a pepper greenhouse. My peppers have been falling prey to a very bad kitteh, who's been nibbling on the leaves. Maybe that's what happened to your dill! Time to check Miss Kitty's breath! LOL

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Oh, and great minds think alike. I was thinking of making the arm warmers/sleeves for my girlie girl. Latest fashion craze?

Tara said...

Gah.. Christmas knitting. I know it's coming, but I iz in denial.