Friday, June 19, 2009

Thats It!

This morning constituted the last hours of the school year. Stick a fork in us, cuz we are done. YAY!
To celebrate we went to the used book store and the guys each got two books, then we hit Pizza Hut for lunch. The boys love them some Pizza Hut.
Then it was a quick stop at Blockbuster for a video and a Playstation 2 game, both week long rentals. When we got home the neighbor kid came over and played with the boys. I went upstairs, turned on my iPod and cast on a new project. I just could not help myself. I have over an inch done already too. Can't say what it is because the recipient comes here. While I knit, I listened to the last of the second book of the Dresden Files series, Fool Moon.
Tomorrow is WWKIP Day in Montreal. I'm taking the boys with me. That should work out juuuuussst peachy. Wish us well!


Margaret said...

You are doing just fine I think. I'm way past that stage in life and can't remember how I ever survived it ;) What you really need is great weather.... (don't we all!)

Anonymous said...

Had a comment all typed out and my stupid puter erased it. Freaking puter.

Anyway, now I'm caught up. So glad you guys will be staying at Rhinebeck (earplugs and all). Can't wait.