Saturday, August 30, 2008


But not of the starship variety. No, my enterprise is much smaller but slightly lucrative just the same.
I sold 70 stitch markers to a yarn shop. Oh yes I did! I got paid in actual cashy money. I swear I got ever so giddy. And yes said shop will buy more. Xmas is coming you know and all knitters need their knit bling. The next batch must include smaller ones more friendly to lace knitting which involves small needles and wee wee wee small yarns so having something to clunky is awkward. Will head to bead shop tomorrow for inspiration. :oD
Today the boys were at a birthday party so Hman and I took advantage and left the premises sans enfants. Oooh it was a heady time I tell you! We went to the Marche 440 in Laval and went gormet foodie browsing and shopping. I saw the coolest olive oil from France. I wanted it because of the funky stoneware bottle it came in but managed to retrain myself.
In the farm market area outside were fruits and veghetables locally grown and beautiful to behold. I really should have taken a camera with me but when we left home it was destination Chapters...the market only came to mind while we were on the road.
We spent over two hours shopping and browsing the shops and stalls oohing and aaahhing over the local and imported delicacies (August strawberries! Who knew? And oh man they were better than the June ones)with noone bitching that they were bored/tired/thirsty/hungry/bored.
All in all a lovely day.


Terri-Lynn said...

Hey congrats on the stitch markers! Have no idea what they are?! Need pics.... pretty please

Josiane said...

Congrats on getting your small business started! Good luck, and enjoy the ride!

Tara said...

Enterprise (both commercial and of the starship variety) is a good thing. Woot!

Suldog said...

That's way cool! Congratulations on the sale!