Monday, August 25, 2008

Day before....

Tomorrow the boys are back to school. So wierd to go back in August. I don't think I will ever get used to it.
Anyways, this morning Ben and I tackled some room cleaning in an effort to find a missing toy. We half filled a garbage bag with assorted broken ceap toys and crap that was taking up box and shelf space and organised some stuff, but no Bakugan to be found. the plus to all of this? His desk is cleared and ready for homework. We even emptied and vacuumed his desk drawer! there is still a bunch of stuff/crap to sort on the shelves of his desk but he now can find all of his books and has two fully functional if empty piggy banks again. That corner looks pretty damn good and I will give Hman the heads up to pay Ben a compliment for his hard work and ability to part with so much clutter.
I must take Cam out to shop for "indoor" sneakers for school. I got Ben's at the evil Walmart but they were a pretty nice and comfy shoe for an amazing price. I want Cam's to be the same (and while there I need to get some yellow glass beads) but in the other available colour. Then my back to school shopping is truly done until I go to get some new clothes for them but thats not until next week or so. I have two 20% off coupons for The Children's Place and will get the guys some new jeans and sweat shirts etc for the cool weather to replace out grown or ruined garments.
Last night we had some heat lightning with no audible thunder. Just plenty of distant flashes. That was enough for Blossom the idiot dog (who has gone fairly deaf so don't say she could hear thunder that we couldn't because she hardly hears anything now) to freak out when put outside for the bedtime pee session, break out of the backyard SOMEHOW!!? and take off runnin'. Hman came up to the bedroom storming about "your G$%#$%%ed dog is gone again" and how if she's gone thats it he is not paying to get her back from a shelter after the over 100 dollars spent when she pulled the same kind of thing last year. He ranted and raved and I got in the car and went dog trolling. I figured she would be pretty near since she didn't have much of a head start on me. After about 20 minutes or so I spotted her a couple of streets away near the park. Whew.
Stupid mutt.

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Tara said...

I'm glad you found YOUR dog. Where'd you score the Childrens Place coupons?