Saturday, August 09, 2008

Its August

I feel like the summer is practically over. We have a few days in Niagara, then the guys have a 5 day stint of day camp and then BLAM! The 26th is here. This thoroughly sucks in the summer vacation books, going to school before Labour Day. I don't think I'll ever get used to it.
We have had a lot of rain too so my gardens look like jungles, the grass is crazy, and there have been no great hikes or bike rides etc etc. On the plus side, the whole area is lush and green in a way almost unheard of in August, when dried out patchy grasses and dusty looking trees are the norm. Everything is thriving.
I have been out of commision thanks to our computer being hit with a virus. It took days and days for Hman to fix and things are not the way they were so I am still getting used to having things in different places.
Today I am cranky as can be with vacation preparations. I thought I had plenty of clean clothes for the boys thanks to my marathon laundry duties this week but Cam managed to dirty up enough to screw up the packing so here I am on a Saturday night, doing laundry so I can finish up the suitcase. I now hate getting ready for camping trips. The whole chore of finding the gear that gets put away willy nilly and checking through stuffs to find whats missing...the whole idea of MEALS while camping with the picky eater of the family just makes me want to cry actually. I managed to stream line things a little this go around. Hman thinks one should be making eggs and bacon etc while I am dead set against it because of the dishes involved the morning...after a crappy nights sleep. I think he has seen the sense. Its cereal or a bagel for breakie for the next few days.
I'll just be glad when we get there.
Secret Pal Swap: I am pretty much finished with putting together my package. Ideally I'd like to make a few stitch markers and add some special candy or something.
I ripped out the cabled band I was making for the Mystery Shrug project. I'd made many mistakes. Its going better now but I am way behind since the second clue is now out and I am only fractionally through clue one. I don't think I am cut out for knit alongs.


Suldog said...

There is something terribly wrong with kids having to go back to school before Labor Day. I would have refused!

Tara said...

Still, aren't you jumping for joy that the kids are going back? Isn't it supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year? :)