Thursday, August 28, 2008

6 random factoids

I was tagged. I refuse to tag anyone else because its annoying but my niece Teri just keeps tagging me. Unless she meant another Alison and then I just look like a dumb ass...more so than usual.

ONE! I can make fun of my self until the cows come home but when someone else makes a critical comment it hurts me very very much. I'm very sensitive with low self estee. Deal with it.

TWO! I have an incredibly short attention sp... Ooh shiny! (runs after shiny...)

Three! I'm more of an ideas person than a doings person. Doings is just usually too much work because I generally don't have the skillset to match my many brilliant and wonderful Ideas. Is there some way i could get pay for this because I have MANY ideas as day.

4thly! My dog has very bad farting issues today and is seriously gassing me out of the room.

5th! I love my kids desperatly but sometimes hate them almost as much. Like 30 minutes ago. Its a testament to my self control that I don't scream this at them (like I could have 30 minutes ago). Love them love them love them but lord tunderin' Jaysus they are annoying creatures.

6. I always wanted a little sister to dress up and be bestest friends with.

Don't you feel informed now? Don't you feel closer to me now? Huh? Huh?


Suldog said...

I certainly do feel closer to you, but #4 will keep me from actually getting physically closer.

Tara said...

I feel very informed. I was itching to know more about Blossom's gastro-intestinal workings, thanks!

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

I was already well informed, except for the little sister part. You had sisters. Didn't they let you dress them up?

Anonymous said...

LOLOL, she had sisters, but since we were 16 and 18 years older than her, it was hard to be there to be dressed up, lololol