Sunday, August 17, 2008


The weather is very nice today! I had hoped to hop in the pool yesterday but the water has cooled to a nasty 22 celcius which, unless I am super overly warm, just will not do. I wish we had a heater even though its frivolous and energy wasteful...
Yesterday saw me in the veggie patch, still in my nightgown, and trying to pick tomatoes. I have Matt's Wild Cherry heirlooms this year and lets just say I will NOT plant them again. The two plants took over the garden area like something from a B movie ("It Came From the Garden"? "The VINE!"? "insert title of choice here") making harvest difficult (partially my fault for not trellising and pruning enough but holy shi& they went nuts!). The fruits are so small and delicate that red ones break on plucking forcing one to harvest at yellow stage to avoid mini explosions of seeds in one's night dress held like and apron. Even the weight of the other tiny 'maters was enough to make some crack open. They are a tad sweet for my tastes since I was hoping fopr a more intense flavour. I went back out after harvesting equipped with kitchen shears since I have misplace my secateurs, and started lopping vines regardless of their status (fruiting or non) just to make the area traversable.
Note to self: next year try bush or determinate plants.
We weeded the front jungle/flower garden too and Hman cut the lawn then went to hit some balls, leaving me with the kiddos who swiftly got on my PMSing nerves. I'm sorry but my boys are whiney cry babies that may never toughen up. Tiniest boo boos are not shrugged off like many kids do but are sources of hysteria. This at the ages of 9 and 11 with the 11 yr old being worst thanks to his immaturity (THANKS ALOT A.D.D.!!!). Anyways, with their bitchy sniping and squabbling they brought out the worst in my yesterday and last evening. They were permitted to have a friend over night though so I am not a total evil harpy. I just feel like one and sometimes behave like one. sigh.
I have no idea whats instore today. Maybe going out on the boat? I wouldn't mind a nap, I'll tell you.
Oh! Speaking of "In store"...thats what I will be, starting in October. My Tuesdays will be taken up with being a maintainence/stocking flunky at Effiloche. I'm very stoked. Come November, I am scheduled to be there on weekends as well to wind yarn for customers since the Xmas rush will be on. The pluses for me are numerous starting with being in proximity to yarny goodness for hours at a time, and also the situation FORCES my practicing and improving my Francais. Did I mention I'm stoked? I totally am. Thanks G!!!!!! to cook rice for little laryngitis boy.


Josiane said...

Hey, congrats on getting to be part of the team at Effiloché! If I was still in Montréal, it would be my pleasure to go and force you to practice your French! :)

Tara said...

Congrats on the new job! Working at a yarn store, who'd a thunk it?

Scrappytbear said...

Very cool on the part time job! good for you! Work on that language thing! :) Sorry you werent feeling your shiny best, we all have days (weeks) like that and hopefully it will all pass for you :)
come back to me!