Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Secret Pal Loot

I mentioned the Secret Pal Swap that I am taking part in. My parcel was sent out and recieved last week by the person I was to spoil. I was so impatient for her to get the package and to find out whether or not I totally flubbed it. She was very pleased with her parcel and I was thrilled.
Today, it was MY turn to recieve! My Secret Spoiler had let me know that the parcel was sent and I figured it would arrive tomorrow or later. Not so! Canada Post was on the ball and rang my doorbell late this afternoon. SQUEEE!!!
It was such a mystery! Who had sent it? Inside was a letter explaining two avenues for me to explore...follow the clues 1 through 8 and try to figure it out or go straight to the package marked as holding the answer. Well of course I wanted to draw it out and guess and read clues! So fun!!!!! I wish i had thought of such a great way to "expose" myself.
Clue 5 proved to be the key. The clue mentioned conferences and medical supply folk that pass on swag. the wee package was the swag! A highlighter, a pad of 'testosterone gel' sticky notes, and a Post It pen. Coool!!! Very handy for colour work. I pondered a second or ten and the light went on. "Sharon??!" I guessed. I had 3 more clues to go and then the answer revealed that I was infact correct!
Sharon is a most awesome knitter (an secret pal) and is originally from New Zealand. She will be returning to her homeland when her job here is done and we will miss her very much at knit nights. She's very smart, very fit, very stylish,very funny, and her output knittingwise is astounding. She gifted me with gorgeous Mission Falls superwash in a lovely lovely green (mmmm greeen), some black alpaca blend from her stash, a handmade knitting notes book complete with Flight of The Conchords (New Zealands 4th most popular folk parody duo) and some patterns!!!She knit a cover for the front ...umm...cover...and personalised the flyleaf.
A tin was cunningly decorated decoupage style with a pic of my favorite needles and my initials. Inside were wee loops of yarn for use as stitch markers (just to illustrate the clue though). This is how Sharon more or less marks her places while the rest of us buy or make knitting bling. She's very refined and old school. :oD
NEEDLES! Squee! Harmony DPNS. So...love..them.. I forsee some casting on of socks. I will need them (more later).
Skittles because she had no idea what the sweets I'd mentioned in the questionnaire were. ROFL. I'd listed SKOR bars, Toffeefay, and something else like this as my favourite candy. Skittles are kind of the anti-caramel, toffee/nut chocolate sweets. Its hilarious and the kids are very covetous of my candy.
Oh my...it was a lovely lovely parcel and I feel like its my birthday!

PS: Socks: I got a pair of Birkenstocks today for all the walking I forsee in Spain. They need to be broken in but on the whole are great. I will of course be very crunchy granola and wear wool socks with my sandals come cool weather. Oh yes. I am that hippy chick, earth mama. Don't look away. I am not ashamed. LOL
Now with new needles for sock knitting, I should cast on a pair!


Jennifer Lori said...

You're lucky- Sharon's awesome!

Tara said...

Nice! And why be ashamed of your socks? Wear them with pride, I say!