Thursday, August 28, 2008

Good and not so very....

Lets begin with the not so very good.....that way we can end with good and its more happy that way.
I sent my Secret Pal package out on Monday. I am waiting impatiently to hear its been recieved and its driving me crazy. I am never doing this again...its too excruciating. There has be no chatter on the discussion thread for a couple days or so and I feel like noone is still participating (THOUGH I KNOW THEY ARE!! just clarifying). I am way to impatient for this kind of thing it would appear and its making me very cranky.
The Mystery Shrug Knit Along is pissing me off. I am having issues with the second clue and not getting any clarification on the instructions from the hostess/designer and am feeling annoyed. I thought this would be a fun project and actually encouraged friends to join but now I am feeling like an unpaid test knitter finding obscurities in a pattern that at first glance seemed pretty clear and concise, and not getting the feedback I need to continue with the project. Another knitter also had issues with clue two and took steps that she felt appropriate to her. I don't feel comfortable with that. I want my shrug as I more or less saw it (I know I'm a semi cheater that its not SO mysterious for me) and just want the instructions/my issues resolved. If i must rip AGAIN, so be it but I don't feel comfortable continuing until I hear back.
Also, the 3rd clue has been delayed 2 weeks in a row. This for me is not a big deal (hello! Still grappling with clue two!) BUT as a host/designer, you have people hanging and waiting and to me that is unprofessional and not cool. Yes, we all know how life gets in the way. That is why you should have your ducks in a row before you start something. Suck it up, be a grown up, and deliver on your commitments.
Hmmm....ok...anything else in this category of "Not so good"? Nope I think not.
On to the Good!
School is into Day 3 and so far so great. Everyone is happy and cheery and positive. The bully is not in the same class AND went out of his way to apologise to Ben on the first day. Lets hope this positive beginning is carried through the year more so than in years past.
Both boys have their best school chums in their classes and Cammie even gets to sit with his. He reports that his teacher has even complimented he and his pal on what great students they are. :oD he promises that they are not goofing around and talking, but actually performed their work with very little chat.
The theme this year is Health both of self and the planet. This is a subject near and dear to me, as most know. Ben and Cameron found out from a schoolmate about deposit returnables (bottles and cans) as income. Back in NS one had to return bottles and cans to a recycling Depot. Here most grocery stores have these groovy machine/receptacles that you place your bottles and cans into, recieve a reciept and take that to the cashier for your cash. The guys are so excited about this idea (which somehow they never really considered before) that they are picking up any and all beverage cans and bottles they find on the way home from school. yesterday they eachj had found one, took it into the store and got their nickel each and an obbsession was born. Now Mommy and Daddy are donating all returnables to this money making / Earth saving cause (we were just recycling them NOT sorting out for returns except for beer bottles) to reinforce the whole idea with our support. If we have beverages in returnables while not together (aka at work or out with the knitters etc) the containers are brought home for the boys and I have suggested that Hman mention the kid's project at the office and maybe recieve bottles others may have thrown out in the trash. All proceeds are divided equally between the two kids.
Ideas explored in this exercise: Kids can generate their own cash if they try (beyond an allowance and chores), that picking up litter is good for the Earth and a responsible thing to do, that recycling is also a good way to care for the Earth, AND that even KIDS CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE, and that slowly but surely can build up to something (delayed gratification). Did I miss anything there? Best part, they came home with the idea and that makes it so much more exciting for them. I'm so proud and so touched and tickled by the whole thing, especially the excitement and cooperation and just the plain ol' cuteness of my guys. Nope no motherly pride and glowing here, eh??! LOL
I had a really nice evening with Tara last night as we were knitting in Laval (only attendees). I must say I have seen her "Sizzle" and its the shizzle!! Great coral red colour and really well done. Looks fantastic on her too. BooYah! And she's knitting the ver so lovely Nutkin socks in a fabu Autumnal colourway. Nice.
I am still on a stitch marker jag. The technique with tigertail beading wire and crimp beads (see Sticks and Strings podcast website for tutorial)is so much easier than wrestling with head pins etc to make a non adjustable loop. The tigertail is much more versatile with regard to what needle size you can use the markers with.
I like the stitchmarkers so much that I am making some earrings to match....LOL Purty!!!!


Tara said...

Thanks for the BooYa, Alison! I meant to ask you about your venture into stitch marker making. Did Ginette end up buying any?

AliP said...

Why yes she has bought some as a matter of fact. :oD